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Thread: Joe Millionaire Finale Discussion **Spoilers**

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    what Zora found redeemable in Joe

    What seems strange is why Zora would accept Joe, after he lied to her? I really don't understand why she would want to be with him. She seems like a women that has a brain???
    I never saw him engaged in a deep conversation with any of the girls. What would cause Zora to over look the fact that Joe lied to her?
    The problem with Joe isn't all about the fact that he is a poor boy, it is about the fact that he lied to the women he was with, including Zora, time and time again.
    From what I have seen, there are only a few characteristics that make Joe a somewhat decent guy. He seems to be somewhat humble. And he is a bad lier. ( which is probably a good sign) Some people think that he is a nice/ good guy. I would say he is a mediocre guy at best.
    Please, did he really come on this show to see if he could find a girl who would "love him for who he really is?" If he was really interested in finding that out, then he could "tests" some of the girls that he would meet where he lives. Why go on national television to do so. He probably was motivated by money more than anything else. (of course this is just speculation) From what the producers showed us about Joe, he is about as smart as he is tactful. What about his goodbye speech to Sarah, he totally stuns her with the revelation that he's really a poor boy. Then he sends her off with out a real explaination. ..
    The question I don't get is, " What could Zora see in him, that could cause her to overlook his lying?": :

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    Originally posted by Shayla

    It's like the story of Salome' and the head of John the Baptist, but with the genders reversed
    Salome'? Don't you mean Herod, King of the Jews?

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    searchingeyes, it's because he lied about something Zora couldn't care less about. She said the money was a turnoff and she was relieved that he wasn't rich. He told her something that she perceived as a negative, so when she heard it wasn't true, she was relieved.

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    i understand what you are saying. thanks for the reply

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