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Thread: Joe Millionaire Finale Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: Re: Scripted Fairy Tale Ending

    Originally posted by Wolf

    I wished they had scripted Evan's speech when he dumped Sarah. All he kept saying was Duh! Um...I didn't pick you! That had to be all Evan.
    That was funny. It would've been better if he said "hey, look over there" and ran out of the room when she turned her head. You could throw in the cloud of dust like they do in the cartoons.

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    JR! A cartoon-style exit! I love that. That would've been perfect for Evan! No one would've question if it had been scripted!

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    Good one JR ! That guy is so unintelligable, they couldn't have written that script. They couldn't have written him lines either, or he would have had to write them on the back of his hand or something.

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    I don't think it was scripted at all. They wouldn't have had Evan stand there and make a big bumbling speech after Zora said she wanted to stay with him. Besides, I think it's pretty true to life that Zora would tell him that she was disappointed with the lie before she told him what she felt. It's pretty apparent that he lied only for the TV show and wouldn't have done it in real life.

    If he is 6'5" she is pretty dang tall!

    I was pretty annoyed at the girl (and for the life of me I can't remember who it was) who said that "of course women care about money, we're women!" That was a trashy thing to say and not true at all. I hate it when people lump "everyone else" together with them to justify their lousy behavior. I don't want a no-job slacker, but as long as he is happy I don't care what my guy does for a living or how much money he makes.

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    On behalf of all of the men who feel that women are gold-diggers, THANK YOU!
    My wife is not a gold-digger - if she was, she was pretty bad at it . . .

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    Originally posted by Mokka
    Was that a tongue in cheek motion Sara was showing Melissa when she said "Do you think he didn't pick me because (fill in TIC motion here)?"
    I would swear it was too. I ran it back twice to make sure cause of the bad camera angle but it sure looked like it to me.

    JR god that was a good one, I busted out laughing here at work, good thing I'm by myself.......cartoon exit would have been great. EXIT STAGE RIGHT!!!!!!

    Sarah said, "No. Well yes, a little bit, but not really."
    yeah and clinton didn't inhale either.

    Maybe thats you you didn't get chosen, You never finish a job???????

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    Originally posted by joeguy

    yeah and clinton didn't inhale either.

    LOL joeguy!!!

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    Re: Scripted Fairy Tale Ending

    Originally posted by paulstan
    Talk about your scripted Fairy Tale ending.

    Fox gave you everything that you wanted and pulled the wool over your eyes one last time.

    The whole Ballroom ending sequence was faked. It was probably taped last week, to give this show the whole Fairy Tale ending that Fox knew would get people to tune in.

    At work, a few people mentioned that if they were in the "ballroom" at the beginning of the show, then they were in a totally different room at the end but still saying it was the ballroom. The guessing at work is Fox changed the ending somehow, and brought back Evan, Zora and Paul to refilm it (which is why people felt Alex was hardly in the show, she refused to do it so was cut out of the show)
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    Originally posted by joeguy
    yeah and clinton didn't inhale either.

    Maybe thats you you didn't get chosen, You never finish a job???????

    LMAO...well you know Sara had to have at least tried

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    weren't they in the salon at the beginning?
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