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Thread: Joe Millionaire Finale Discussion **Spoilers**

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    elgringo247, Evan said that that's what was he earned working (as construction worker) only a few months last year.

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    elgringo, I WISH I could find a nice construction worker; I'm sick of investment bankers, lawyers, and philosophy majors.

    I also have a huge crush on my plumber....

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    Before this last episode, they had aired a commercial showing Zora wiping tears off her face. I never saw her cry at all in this last episode.

    They also showed in the commercial, sara crying, and she was hunched over in Evan's lap, and he was trying to console her on that couch in the Grand Salon. That was not shown in this last episode either....sooooooo.....did they both cry? Did Sara throw a little pity party for herself, and break down and throw a tantrum? Darnit...I would have paid big bucks to see that!

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    Originally posted by joeguy
    Too bad girl, nice rack but bad personality.
    Joe G

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    hey thanks, thats what I get for shotting my mouth? off without seeing all the show . Its the opinion I got from seeing/hearing the commercials way to much. I am glad he picked Zora, she seemed real. But they didnt seem really close though, no big hugs, I love you. Even even asked how she felt being 500K richer and not "We have a million dollars!!!" Im very curious to see outcome of this. How long has past since the finale was filmed? And Jill, I'm sorta nice
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    Originally posted by Jill
    I also have a huge crush on my plumber....
    Jill, I hope it's worth it to stuff all those things down the sink just to get him to fix it

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    Was that a tongue in cheek motion Sara was showing Melissa when she said "Do you think he didn't pick me because (fill in TIC motion here)?"

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    elgringo very cool av by the way - hockey team?

    mokka, I'm almost out of jewelry to dump down the sink so I hope he gets the hint soon..

    I watched the Melissa-Sara whispering scene numerous times, and I even put it on closed caption mode so I could make sure I wasn't missing anything. I'm really not sure what she was doing with the sock or whatever that was about, but right after she did that, Melissa asked, "oh, you did?" and Sarah said, "No. Well yes, a little bit, but not really." So, yeesh, who knows. Maybe Sarah will speak up someday and set the record straight...

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    Thanks Jill, and yes the MN Wild hockey logo.

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    Re: Scripted Fairy Tale Ending

    Originally posted by paulstan
    Talk about your scripted Fairy Tale ending.
    And if it was scripted, it sure was a fun scripted fairy tale ride/ending. This is reality tv, afterall. Not everything you see is real.

    5.) Next Line? You could tell the whole Zora speech was scripted. First, it conveyed the tone that she was dumping him and then there was a miraculous save and she accepts him?
    It did seem a somewhat scripted. By the tone of her voice, I thought she was going to tell Evan to go to hell. But then her tone of voice changed, and she goes on and accepts him. Unless she learned that at drama school, I'm sure she had help with her speech. I still loved it though.

    I wished they had scripted Evan's speech when he dumped Sarah. All he kept saying was Duh! Um...I didn't pick you! That had to be all Evan.

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