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Thread: Evan on Howard Stern

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    Evan on Howard Stern

    On my 10-minute drive to work (I think it was Thursday or even yesterday - Friday 2/14), I caught Howard Stern. Evan was being grilled with questions. Questions no other interviewer would ever ask (which is the best - and possibly the only - good thing about Howard Stern). A few highlights:

    Evan was NOTICEABLY better at conversation. He answered questions in full sentences and at times actually seemed mildly intelligent.

    They kept calling him stupid - jokingly. Finally, after discussing how he dropped out of military school and all that, they asked point blank, "Are you stupid, really?"

    "Well, no one likes to say that they're stupid, so I really can't say that I am." (Paraphrasing) I must admit that his answer was surprisingly coherent. BUT...

    Then they rephrased the question; "Ok, then, what's 12 times 13?"

    Evan him-hawed around a bit, muttered that math was never his subject. Howard asked the question again and then when they prodded him to just take a guess...

    "12 times 13? Umm... 25."

    They laughed and he never figured it out even after someone pointed out he was adding instead of multiplying.

    The other significant moment was when they asked him about his walk in the woods with Sarah. Without hesitation he responded to the "did you have sex?" question with a NO. Other questions about sex, no hesitation he answered NO.

    He said that he was aware that his grandmother would probably watch the show and that he just couldn't go so far as to have sex on a public TV show.

    Then Howard asked if he got a hummer. Evan hesitated, was caught off guard, didn't really have an answer.

    When they laughed and said, "Evan got a BJ!" Evan never once denied it or could say anything to the contrary. In fact, it seemed as though it was typical Evan duphus-unable-to-tell-a-lie.

    As a result, despite what I've said earlier, I'd bet money that Evan got the #1 male wish.

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    Oh, and another point...

    They were talking about how there's no way Evan had trouble with the ladies like the first episode painted. He's too good looking, yada yada.

    Evan told a story that happened 3-4 years ago. He was in a bar with a friend and started chatting with a beautiful redhead. She gave him her number and afterwards his friend was like...

    "Oh my God! Did you realize that was Angie Everhart?!"

    Evan didn't realize this. He said that he called her and left a message (apparently it was a real working number) but she never returned the call.

    Evan surmized (good word, eh?) that since he was in a very nice part of town she was interested until she learned that he was actually just staying in the hotel. (I don't know why he thought this, but this is what he said.)

    There you go. More fun facts for you.

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    I'm a huge Stern fan, and I thought it was a good interview. I agree, he did sound a lot better.

    They did mention that during the commercial break that Evan was very candid about how he felt about the girls. They didn't go into detail, but I took it to mean that Evan really didn't like some of the girls. Howard said that he wished Even was like that during the interview.

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