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Thread: Ex Girl Friend Says that Evan is "No Joe Einstein"

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    Ex Girl Friend Says that Evan is "No Joe Einstein"

    He's no Joe Einstein

    A woman who says she briefly dated Evan Marriott, aka Joe Millionaire, a few years ago, claims the construction work[er] is no prize. She told the National Enquirer that Marriott's a nice guy and definitely easy on the eyes, but dumb as a doornail. "He certainly was no intellectual. He always left me feeling very empty inside."

    San Franciso Examiner on Joe Millionaire

    If any of you happen across any other pages on the web about Evan's ex girl friends, please copy their content or give us the links here! I think it would be too funny to see what his ex sweetie's have to say --( in addition to all the women who have appeared on the JM show, after all is said and done!)

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    Not intellectual...Left feeling empty inside...

    I fear this description will prove prophetic for all of the viewing public after JM is done having its way with us next Monday. Come to think of it, this show is rather like a codependent relationship that is so wrong, so unhealthy...yet I keep coming back for more.

    FOX IS EVIL!!!!!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I sawhim on The Caroline Rhea show yesterday.
    He didn't seem to be overly bright.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    if Evan thinks Sarah is so sophisticated (think ordering the wine with a french accent) and so impressed by that ....
    that tells me he is ? No words. I don't think he's dumb. Just not the brightest crayon in the box.

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    this show is rather like a codependent relationship that is so wrong, so unhealthy...yet I keep coming back for more.
    Oh yes very much so. I swear I'm not going to watch and just read Bill's recaps, then I'm there watching.

    I knew he wasn't playing with a full box of toys , when the butler was giving the instruction at the very beginning. I thought he was putting on an act just to make a joke on the the other. Then I realized he seemed seriously - um - light between the ears.

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    Imagine that, an "X" saying something bad about her guy. Who would have figured? lol

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    He's no Joe Einstein.
    Well, duh! I think we pretty much came at the same conclusion on our own.

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    sack of hammers = Evan?? who knew??? Definately Gaston, wonder if he can sing? Broadway may have a new cast member!

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    He's just a regular "Joe"

    That's not sooo bad!

    There are worse things like pedaphelia, spousal abuse, mental disorders etc.

    At least people know what they're getting. Gaston, maybe, but he seems nice enough, and besides, if they're happy, who are we to criticize?

    What gets me is the two-faceness (is that a word?) of the others. The redhead looked very disappointed when she got the JoeBoot, but she acted like he was not all that great - after she lost the chance for the money.
    Same thing for Sarah

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    I just chalk that up to the women being exposed as gold diggers. And of course, trying to save face.

    I think it's hilarious that Sarah got dumped. She was SO sure that she was going to win. I think it kills her that she got dumped for Zora. I'm sure she'll attribute it to him not liking either so he chose the girl who lived further away. :rolleyes
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