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Thread: Viewers Vow "Millionaire" Boycott

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    Boycott? Puh-leeze!

    Oh I'll be watching on Monday. And, masochistically, I'll wait to the bitter end while they drag out Evan's decision, like all these fans who they'll claim boycott. I too was royally p.o.'d last Monday, and mourned that hour which would have been better spent feeding the hungry or bathing poor children.

    But c'mon this show is like pure crack and we are junkies. They know we (all 24 million of us) will be back, we are powerless to resist. It's Fox, man; they are Reality TV pushers!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Originally posted by karebear
    It is so stupid that people are mad about that. They never once said it was the last show. The whole time I was watching it I said to muself that there's no way it could be the last show. As for peopel not watching it ..... a lot of hot air I think. People will watch it for sure.
    I knew that it wasn't going to be the last show, and I was aware that he was NOT going to make his final choice, BUT I was NOT expecting essentially a repeat of previous episodes, and that's what ticked me off.

    I saw "Joe" on Entertainment Tonight and he was asked "what do you make of all the fans who are ticked off over Monday's 'repeat'?," and he said, "That was FOX network;I had nothing to do with that."

    They also said he was flirting with one of George W. Bush's nieces at this fashion show where they were asking him that... her assistant got his card from him.

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    Originally posted by USMCmumsie
    ... one hour and 45 minutes of recaps (AND commercials) and then 15 minutes of Evan choosing and breaking the news (and MORE commercials) and the "twist" will be something like video all of the other women back for one last comment.
    If that turns out to be the case, the execs and producers at FOX must die, GRRRRR! :mad:

    I'm going to be torn though, because while the last (two hour) episode of Joe is on, I think it's NBC that's (at the same time!!) going to be doing a one hour follow up, or what not, of that Michael Jackson interview... it's called "Michael Jackson Unmasked."

    Jackson is such an odd-ball that I don't really want to miss that show. So maybe if Joe is largely a repeat, I can flip back and forth between Joe and the MJ show.

    -- that's what I did during the last one, I flipped back and forth between Joe and the show "Everybody Loves Raymond."

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    Originally posted by rdaugherty
    I knew that it wasn't the final episode, but I had a serious problem with their pre-commercial promos.

    More than once (and this can be verified in my latest article) they said that Joe was going to choose. ...
    Someone else in this thread said a similiar thing, and my idea is that FOX was being sneaky: they probably did say in a previous episode and in the commericals for the "recap" show that Joe would make his final choice -- but notice, that they did NOT say that they would tell US whatever his final choice is.

    ~ Which I think is still way misleading, because it is implying that if Joe makes his choice they will ALSO tell us what it is in that same episode!

    But I didn't believe they would, since I knew they were doing that two -hour thing next week and were waiting til the last moment to tell us.

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