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Thread: All the rumors - together in one place

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    Yeah- so they're all a bunch of posers. I guess I just watch cause it's funny. I think no matter what the outcome I'll be pleased- I just want to watch one of the gold diggers show her true colors (to Evan cause we've all seen the phoniness by now), and I want to see Evan get yelled at for being such a doof.

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    Originally posted by LoveyLydz
    Okay I have to say this- he wants the girls/women/whatever to like him for more than just his money... can't he like them for more than just their bodies?? Maybe it's just me.
    No, you're not the only one, I wondered the same thing! It ties into what I said about Evan/Joe Millionaire in another thread here, sort of.

    I don't know what to make of him. Sometimes, he seems like a nice, decent guy but then he'll turn around the next moment and do something insensitive, oblivious to the fact that he's hurt someone else's feelings (e.g., Zora's date at the hot tub being over taken by Mojo and pals).

    Then it kills me how, when he's explaining why he selected or ditched a lady, that he'll say that he thought they had a 'great body.' (He likes the phrase "nice little package.")

    He'll sit there and say in the interview blurbs on the show how he wants a woman who will love him for him, but then, go on about their physical appearance. I'm not knocking guys for noticing that some women are attractive, but as I stated elsewhere, he tends to be kind of crass and hypocritical about it!

    So it's okay to be shallow about choosing someone based on looks, but it's bad to choose someone based upon income? My reaction: * Huh? What?*

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    Ideal Ending?

    I'm not sure how I want this to end...would it be better to see all around total humiliation, i.e. Joe picks Golddigger, tells truth, gets a slap in the face and a knee in the groin, etc.? Or do we want to see the girl say, "I don't care about the money, Evan, it's YOU I want," and then a week later on Extra we hear about the break up? How can this end well? What do you guys want to see?

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    Good one, Gromit! I agree completely- "What a great rocket body she has... I hope she doesn't like me just because of the money." Yeaaaaah- okaaaay.

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    I want to see Zora win except for the fact that see is such a nice sweet girl....she can do way better than Evan. But then again she could do worst than Evan too. I am totally convinced that with her background, she would probably stay with Evan even after she finds out the truth. Actually she might be relieved to know the truth..

    I guess it would be fun to see the other two win just to see them get slammed on national tv.


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    Well, the difference is that he doesn't want people to like him for the money b/c he has none.

    I don't think he would object if they liked him because they thought he was hot.

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    I just think it's a double standard to be mad at them for being superficial meanwhile he is also being superficial... I think the FUNNY part of it all is they are all (he and the girls) too clueless to even pick up on what's actually going on.

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    Originally posted by ThresholdRPG
    Well, the difference is that he doesn't want people to like him for the money b/c he has none.

    I don't think he would object if they liked him because they thought he was hot.
    Yes, you have a good point there.

    I personally didn't like how some of the women, mostly "Mojo" kept lusting after him. I think it's just as bad for a female to wrap up a guy's worth on his looks alone as it is for a man to do so to a woman.

    Another big honking disclaimer: it's normal and natural for members of one gender to find members of the other attractive. But people who seem to *dwell* on it or to judge a person solely by it -- don't have their priorities in order.

    If Mojo and Evan got married based only on looks... well, what are they each going to do years from now when he shrinks down to 5'2", loses all his hair (except for the hair that starts growing out of his ears), becomes rail thin and frail, and she goes from blonde to gray (and the hair goes up in a little granny bun), she has to wear bi-focals and packs on 100 pounds?

    Yes, Evan probably wouldn't mind so much if the women found him gorgeous, but he's probably too dimwitted to pick up on the double standard (okay to pick someone based on looks but not money).

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    Originally posted by ghostrider
    THe girl in the limo with him is "Cat" from the first season of Road Rules. She's a reporter for Fox now. Hope this helps.
    Hmmm. So is she perhaps his real wife now?

    Perhaps they met while he was doing publicity stuff for the show after it was over?

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    Yankee Kitten
    I thought her name was Kit. Of course I could be wrong about that. Kit, or Cat, is a Fox reporter, and recently did an interview with Evan's parents, at the home in Virginia Beach. The segment will air on The Pulse, on Thursday night.

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