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Thread: All the rumors - together in one place

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    Are you sure? It looked like they were in New York City or something.

    Does anyone know what the big revelations were of that news report?

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    I think that was for a new news/gossip show on Thursday night called "The Pulse" or something like that.

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    THe girl in the limo with him is "Cat" from the first season of Road Rules. She's a reporter for Fox now. Hope this helps.

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    I saw that article too and wasnt sure if it was real or not. I think Evan is looking for a trashy easy lay and I dont think Zora is the girl for that. The other 2 however would serve that purpose well!

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    Evan's Inconsistency

    Someone else in this thread said,
    >>I saw that article too and wasnt sure if it was real or not. I think Evan is looking for a trashy easy lay and I dont think Zora is the girl for that. The other 2 however would serve that purpose well!

    Hello, this is my first post to this forum!

    I was never into reality shows until I caught the 3rd or 4th episode of Joe Millionaire. I still don't feel too interested in reality t.v. overall.

    I can't quite figure the Joe Millionaire guy out. Sometimes he seems to be a fairly decent, 'nice guy,' (for example, he repeatedly says how he is not comfortable lying to these women about his true income).

    However he will then turn around and do things that are, in my view, immoral, or at the very least, distasteful, such as 'making out' with one of the ladies at night behind some trees, and allowing Mojo and others to interrupt his date with Zora. It was obvious that Zora was upset by it --

    -- if he had any empathy or compassion at all, or truly cared about the feelings of any of the females on the show, I would expect him to politely tell the other ladies to shove off -or- to at least go after Zora, ask her to return, or try to make it up to her somehow the next day. But the guy acts like a pig. Just sits there oogling the other women in bikinis, etc.

    I too have noticed that he sometimes seems to lust after the women, and I'm turned off by how he sometimes says things like, "I only stuck with woman 'xyz' because of her nice figure."

    This doesn't seem consistent with how a true gentleman, how a real 'nice guy' would feel or express himself... granted, the guy does come from a 'blue collar' background, but still...

    I want to make it clear that I'm not against a guy noticing a female is attractive, but he seems like a little of a *pig* about it, kind of crude.

    It's just disconcerting to me how he can appear sensitive and caring one moment and then like an oblivious jerk the next. He is just clueless at times.
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    Hi gromit,

    to the site
    I have to agree with you, "Joe" is a strange guy.
    I think the very least he could/should have done is follow Zora out of the tub and think her for the date.
    I know there is always the editing argument, but he really seemed to just let her wander off without a word.

    I think he should have told the others not to join them in the tub either.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Joe Millionaire's Inconsistent Behavior

    Hi, fluff, thanks for the welcome!

    I went back in and added a few more comments to my first post, which you may have not seen.

    I understand he's a red-blooded All-American guy who is naturally going to go ga-ga over a hot tub of hotties, but jeeze, the way he just let Zora walk off was insensitive.

    Of course, you're right, if he did tell her 'sorry' or whatever, and the Fox crew edited that out, then maybe he's not the crass weenie I am thinking he was to her.

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    Okay I have to say this- he wants the girls/women/whatever to like him for more than just his money... can't he like them for more than just their bodies?? Maybe it's just me.

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    I know, LoveyLydz! Guys always complain about golddiggers, but they think there is nothing wrong with only wanting beautiful girls!

    Another inequality: These girls all really have bodies, but Evan doesn't really have money!
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    I could maybe see Mojo actually getting married to Joe Millionaire because she struck me as being shallow and quite immature, the kind of person who would not take marriage seriously-- I could visualize her marrying the guy as a "lark," thinking it would be funny. I personally find it repulsive when people treat marriage so lightly.

    I think though, had she made it to the 'finals' and found out he only makes 19k a year that she would've dumped him, if not right then and there in front of the cameras, then either later, in private, or after several weeks or months of more dating.

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