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Thread: All the rumors - together in one place

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    there was a great pic of Zora and her mom somewhere...anyone remember?

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    Originally posted by tomfoolery25
    I have a feeling that no matter what the twist will be, we'll all be disappointed and back here tomorrow morning complaining and griping about it. Oh well, FOX got what they wanted - a HUGE audience.
    I second that emotion.

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    ture but what I was saying is if we can find modeling pictures of zora from a YARN website and old bondage vids of sarah, I think someone here or in the media could track down a couple of walk on parts on days of our lives or a Burger King commercial. Wouldnt they have to be SAG members or some kind of union that would be easily researchable??

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    Evan is not Evan at all folks! His real name is Joe Mcmillan..... you people have been duped Hahahaha

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