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Thread: All the rumors - together in one place

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    I agree Miss F.
    Evan seems like a friendly sort.

    I don't see any reason for the two of them not to get along.
    It's not as though they're in competition with each other.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    ok, as for the "sexual favor" I bet they are exploting the slurp. slurp scenes we saw last week.

    as for paul and evan not getting along......Paul would be too much of a professional to let his true feeling get out in the open.

    and when is Paul there with evan and the girls, long enough to make him look stupid, which wouldn't be too hard to do, just wait till evan opens his mouth.

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    I think Melissa would trade "favors" for another episode, i.e. the clip of her saying to Evan (in a bedroom) "ok, I'm going to make this easy".

    I also think (but who knows?) that Sara and he were just necking. Maybe.

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    Maybe it is Alex who isn't getting along with someone? Now that I can believe. An Alex-Paul throwdown would be cool!

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    From Smoking Gun

    Well if you put MMMMM together with point number one, well I think we know what happened in the woods. Our little Sara has appeared in 'dozens' of these little films. Think she might do ANYTHING to get to next round - oh yeah.

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    Re: Tabloid Thursday

    Originally posted by John
    1) Evan received "sexual favors" from a girl in exchange for keeping her for another round. Could this be Sarah?
    If that is true, I wonder what Sarah would do next time to make sure her opportunity of going to the end, which means Zora will be the winner. I mean ...if you've got the milk, why need the cow?

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    Interview on T.V. Show 'The Pulse'

    Originally posted by ThresholdRPG
    Ah, so it was just a misleading bit of video then. What a surprise... not.

    So, what was the big revelation about Evan and things he is hiding?
    I watched 'The Pulse' the other night -- had to miss CSI because of it, which made me cranky. The people at The Pulse waited until their last segment, the last 15 minutes, to run the story on Joe Millionaire.

    I don't recall any big secrets being revealed on 'The Pulse' show. I think that was hype. BTW, I'm surprised that nobody else here has commented on The Pulse show (unless they did, and I've overlooked it).

    They showed photos of Evan when he was a kid and teenager. They also showed his modeling photos (the modeling thing may have been the big secret they were alluding to)

    They interviewed his parents and his sister. The sister said that Evan never 'scoped out girls' when he was growing up. I think she was trying to say that he's not a womanizing pig.

    The parents were asked what were the biggest misconceptions about him. They said--
    1. He doesn't have any tattoos on his back (I had not even heard that rumor)
    2. He's not gay
    3. He may have fathered a bunch of kids with various women along the east United States coast.
    4. They said that he's not really a millionaire pretending to be a poor, bulldozer drivin', construction worker but that he is, in fact, a poor blue collar kind of guy

    Evan himself was on briefly. He obviously couldn't give away if he married the finalist of the show or not, but he did say that he didn't find 'true love,' but he did 'find chemistry'. I assume from this that he's probably still dating whomever he chose on the show but that they are not married or serious.

    His parents said they don't think that he's 'ready for marriage.'

    The only other thing I remember is that Evan told the interviewer that when he was in junior high or high school (or the military academy), he was on the school's football team. He said that the coach's nickname for him was 'ox,' since the coach said that Evan was a "dumb ox." He said because he had problems even memorizing the plays that the coach & others assumed that he's a huge moron.

    I got the idea that he probably did (or does) have some sort of learning disability, since his parents were saying on this show how he had a tough tim e in school. They didn't come right out and say, "Yes our son was, and is, a huge idiot," but they gave the notion that he's not very good at book learnin'

    I just saw on Entertainment Tonight that Joe Milionaire is supposed to host Entertainment Tonight (the weekend version of the show) *this* week.
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    Thanks for the information from that show. I really appreciate it!

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    Originally posted by ThresholdRPG
    Thanks for the information from that show. I really appreciate it!
    You are very welcome!

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    Originally posted by Skank Watcher
    Zora wins! Finds out Evan has no money. She says what the heck, falls for him, they get married and live happily ever after!
    I like Zora the best, and I'm still assuming up to this point that she's not a gold digger, but a couple of things just crossed my mind.

    Okay, she still might not be a gold digger, but I wonder if part of her is hoping big time that the guy IS worth a lot, since she supposedly works as a substitute teacher and they don't make a lot. She mentioned on one show (or perhaps I read this someplace?) that her current apartment is over run with roaches.

    Now, if you're a sub not making a lot of $$$ to begin with, and you're living in crumming living conditions, my guess is that you wouldn't be exactly UNhappy that the dude you're competing for has 50 million.

    I've wondered something else too... suppose that, okay, Evan really *is* dirt poor but that Zora has the 50 million & she is the finalist...

    ...or else, one of the other ladies has the 50 million, and on the last show, Evan picks woman "xyz," ("xyz" being the woman without the millions) camera gets her reaction, and a little later, the butler comes in and says, "Oh Evan, there's someone here you have to meet again." Then steps in one of the previously rejected women who tells him, "Evan, I'm worth 50 million." --if that were the case, I'd love to see the look on HIS face, LOL.

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