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Thread: Bambi's Diary- Joe Millionaire Ep 6- "Down to the Wire"

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    Bambi's Diary- Joe Millionaire Ep 6- "Down to the Wire"

    Dear Diary,

    Wow! What a few days it has been. Sarah, Zora and I have all accepted the fact that two of us are going to go home brokenhearted very soon. Honestly, I have to say that I hope I am one of those two. Evan and I have just not connecting very well. I do not think I would be wife material for him. He's just not my type. I like that he is very down to earth, especially for a rich man, and he is pretty sweet, but other than that I am just not that attracted to him. Sure it would be nice to marry into that much money, but I just don't think it's worth it in Evan's case. Zora seems to be much more his type.

    We were called outside to a cute little tea table, and we KNEW something was up when Alex McLeod came out to talk to us. We usually only see her for about 5 minutes a week. Anyway, we all got a last little walk with Evan in the woods. Charming.

    Anyway, on our walk, Evan and I did alot of remembering our previous dates. I will spare you the boring recap of them all. He seemed really torn.......between Zora and Sarah. We had a nice talk, and I confessed that I didn't really have feelings for him. I think he really respected the fact that I was open and honest about it, instead of stringing him along for his money. He actually asked me for advice on who he should pick tomorrow, and I told him Zora. He asked why, and I told him about how she seemed to really, genuinely like him. He kept prodding about who I thought was after his money. He just wouldn't drop the money subject, which I thought was rather odd. Hmm.

    When I got back to the chateau, the other ladies and I spent the afternoon gossiping with Paul. We discussed what each of us wanted to happen tomorrow, what we thought Evan would do, everything. He was listening VERY well, and no doubt he was going to report back to Evan all that was said. Ahh, and there's absolutely no doubt about it- Zora is Paul's 'favorite to win.' He practically drools over here. Wow.

    This morning, Paul came to our rooms and told us that Evan was requesting our presence in the grand salon. Of course, we got all dolled up to go down there and get the news. We all sat down on the couch and Evan said he had something to tell us. What could it be?! You'll find out next week. Or did you know all along?


    **To contact the author, email Kylie@fansofrealitytv.com Note: Bambi is not actually a contestant on Joe Millionaire.

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    Bambi, I'm glad you told Evan that you didn't have any feelings for him. You're too sophisticated for him anyway. _

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    Bambi, I'm so depressed. We see you less than Alex each week, and yet you're the most charming one there.

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    Don't worry, Bambi. There will be another, perhaps better deer for you, I'm sure.

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