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Thread: Joe Millionaire - Episode Six Recap

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    We truly are not worthy

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    Thank you for making sense of the show. I needed this, I was confused.

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    Bill.....I don't even think I'll watch next week. What's the point? I can read about it (and get MUCH BETTER entertainment) in your post!

    Thanks for turning a painful experience into one most memorable!

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    Re: Joe Millionaire - Episode Six Recap

    Originally posted by Bill_in_PDX

    I mean really, they could have started each individual episode with a lengthy, yet similar, review of the activities to date, but NO! These folks are above all of that, and instead they ensured that we had a full episode of exciting action each week.

    Further, they could have pulled a Survivor and promised all new material, never before seen(!) for this program, but they didn’t. The unassailable honor of the production team wouldn’t allow them to use cheesy marketing schemes and outright lying to the audience in this show.


    Therefore, I feel this episode was both refreshing and necessary. I thank the producers for not doing anything silly like promising to tell us who Evan picked this week. I mean, I would have really been angry had the deep voice announcer said anything right before a commercial like, “This is it! Evan makes his choice.”


    He has performed incredibly. If I didn’t know better, I would say that Evan was an aspiring actor with a checkered history of modeling and regrettable decisions when it comes to participation in professional wrestling. But it is his amazing ability to pull off this role, with a high level of personal sacrifice, which makes Evan the Most Valuable Participant.
    Great Job! It had me laughing all the way.

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    Great job.. I'd like to echo JR's sentiments.
    One can only guess what next week’s big twist will be… probably something to do with Sarah and a rope.
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    I've read every re-cap, but this was the best one. I
    just had to let you know how you touched my with
    this one!!!


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    Bravo!! Hats off to you!

    So funny !
    Much more entertaining than that so-called "show" !
    I'll definitely be looking forward to your final installment, much more than the drivel we'll (probably) watch next week.

    Perhaps you should be writing for television-I'm sure we'd be more impressed than we currently are, even though they suck us in time and again. Keep up your fine work.



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    Ur re-cap was 500 million times better than the show!
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    Warm up your typing fingers, Bill. It won't surprise me if they spend the whole next episode having Evan agonize further before making is decision in the last minute. Followed by another episode where he tries to figure out how he's going to break the news to "the chosen one" and then one where he can't tell her, goes back and forth on what to say, etc., etc.

    They'll drag this out as long as they can.

    At lead we can laugh at your recaps.

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    Super job Bill, you are the master. I have many favorite quotes from your recap, which is amazing as I have no favorite moments from the crappy episode. This jewel should not be overlooked:
    I hope that Alex uses this experience as a stepping stone for future invisible host roles.
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