To paraphrase Yogi Berra, "It's deja vu all over again." For those who missed it, you didn't miss it. Somehow, FOX filled up 60 minutes with flashbacks, teases, & umpteen commercials.

For example, did we really need Alex McLeod (aka The Robot Host) to meet with Zora & Sarah in order to tell them that Big Dumb Joe would announce his decision the following day? No!

Did we really need to see BDJ take a walk with each of the girls in order to provide intros to those flashbacks? No!

Did we really need to see absolutely EVERY clip or reference to shoes involving Lil' Miss Foot Fetish? Ok, hell yes, we did!

Did we really need to hear Melissa The Mercenary say that unforgettable "I'm a mercenary" line just one more time? Of course, we did! It was fun to see her get all teary again too. So sad to see you go last week...NOT!

The only real entertainment was watching a painfully uncomfortable dinner between Sarah & Zora.
I can't sum it up any better that my co-worker Joni (aka Lil' Miss Reality TV) did:
Zora said "If he likes us both equally, I think he'd choose you since you live in LA". And Sarah rips back with a "I think that if he doesn't like either of us, he'd choose the one that's further away". Zing. So, if he picks Zora, it means it's because he doesn't really like her? Meooooowwww. Zora has considerable restraint in not just letting her have it. It looked like she might cry, but she held her tongue.
Meow is right! LMFF has devilishly planted the seed with Zora The Unflushable that even if BDJ does choose ZTU, it's only because he doesn't really like either of them. That evil LMFF is good, real good. At least that's what they say in her movie reviews.

So we have to wait one more week for the 2-hour finale. As an added tease, Paul the Butler announced that there is a remarkable twist involved as well. If you have any brilliant ideas about the twist, please share it with the group!

Here it is folks. What you've all been waiting for-- it's your Top Ten List for Episode 6:

10) Melissa The Mercenary-- we can't get enough of that blunder.
9) Who slurped who in the woods?
8) Question-- What do FOX & Heidi have in common? Answer-- Both are annoying teases who deserve to be slapped silly.
7) What's more annoying-- Sarah & her smokes or Zora & her Juicy Fruit?
6) Crisis at the Chateau-- Sarah & Zora must wear the same outfit twice.
5) Will Big Dumb Joe choose to ride the most boring rollercoaster in the world-- The Zora?
4) For Sarah, it's not about the Benjamins-- it's all about the Shoes.
3) Did FOX forget to mention Sarah's Shoes?
2) Paul tells Sarah about a walk in the woods with Big Dumb Joe...Sarah quickly changes outfits and strap a mattress to her back!
1) Hope you enjoyed our flashback show-- now watch it again on Thursday, you mindless lemmings!