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Thread: Final Two

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    I voted for Zora because I think Fox is trying to steer everybody to thinking Sarah with the way they are editing.

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    I think Holly said it best. Evan wants to pick Sara, but he'll end up picking Zora in the end. Evan knows that Zora isn't drawn to the money like Sara is.

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    I think that the editing is trying to make us think that Evan will choose Sarah. Based on that, plus the fact that I think Evan's got just enough brains to figure out that Zora is a much more understanding and likable person, I think Evan will choose Zora.

    However, my b/f thinks Evan will choose Sarah because Zora is too stand offish.

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    Forgetting any twists...

    The editting points to Zora (like with Survivor), but Evan may not have had anything nice to say about Zora and they may have been stuck showing what they had.

    Zora and Evan don't seem to click. Sarah and Evan clicked (and then some).

    He CAN'T be soooo dumb as to not recognize that Sarah wants the money and Zora is just happy to be there.

    I can't decide if I want Sarah to get the boot (and see her reaction to ZORA! beating her) or to see her reaction when Ecan tells her he is poor.

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    Hi TakemyRose, welcome to the site

    I know exactly what you mean.
    If Evan and Zora really like each other and she can forgive his lies then I hope she wins.
    I would also love to see the look on Sarah's face when he cuts her.
    Sarah will probably give a great reaction to finding out he doesn't have millions though.
    Hmmmm, I really can't decide who I want to "win".
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    That wasn't easy (the voting, choosing between Sarah and Zora). Assuming that the twist isn't that they bring out a chimp in a pink dress at the end...

    I chose Zora in the poll.

    Granted, Evan is an idiot and may go with Sarah. However, I think a little bit more goes on in the boy's head than we think. He kept Melissa the Mercenary on for quite awhile since he found her "hot to trot," but in the end he let her go -- because I think he's maybe got a good enough heart to know what's real and what is not.

    I think in the end, he'll pick Zora over (what he considers to be) "hot to trot" Sarah.

    Also recall that Evan said on the last show that one of the reasons he's kept Zora is because she is "genuine." He knows she isn't blowing smoke up his butt.

    Also, he's probably dated countless number of empty headed pretty thangs like Sarah (he used to date a weather girl on a news station in California he said), and maybe he's tired of it and wants a lady with more depth.
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    I say Evan will pick Sara. Why Zora is still in the game is a mystery. Their dates were horrible disasters and they have zero chemistry. I am going on record as saying something is fishy.

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