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Thread: What a waste of an hour!

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    I can't believe they could stoop this low - show us one hour of absolutely nothing?!

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    Originally posted by Monika
    I can't believe they could stoop this low - show us one hour of absolutely nothing?!

    Fox...expect the unexpected

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    Views Vent About Joe Millionaire

    Apologies if someone's already posted this:
    Viewers Vent Over 'Joe Millionaire'

    Part of it reads:
    FEBRUARY 13, 2003
    By LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer

    Viewers were fuming and David Letterman was cracking wise about Fox promotions for "Joe Millionaire" that seemed to promise more than the show delivered.

    Evan Marriott didn't make the final choice between would-be loves Sarah and Zora on Monday, although there seemed to be network hints that he would. Instead, the episode was mostly a recap.

    "We got duped. We totally got duped," viewer Cynthia Wiggin of San Carlos said Wednesday. She dismissed the episode as "Total filler. A whole filler night."

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    Also found this:

    ======BEGIN EXCERPT==========
    It seems that FOX is stretching out the final choice for Evan to 3 HOURS on TV! (one hour this week and a two hour finale next week)

    As a result, and predictably, this latest Joe Millionaire was utterly pathetic. To quote a friend, and use his asterisks, it was a *complete* waste of time. Most of the show was a recap of each of Sarah's and Zora's dates with Evan. Hello...I freakin' WATCHED the show so I didn't need to see each date again. FOX was either attempting to catch new viewers up with the plot line (and blatantly insult continuing viewers) OR else was just too lazy to air new footage OR wanted the finale to air next week for sweeps reasons. (Most likely it was a combination of all three).

    Dear FOX: The fact that most of your TV shows are pathetic does not mean you can successfully stretch out one of your few good shows to air across several more hours. Hey! Rupert...are you listening to me!?! Don't make me come over there!

    I will tune in next week for the finale of Joe Millionaire and I seriously hope they have enough footage to justify a 2-hour show.
    ======END EXCERPT==========


    And I found this one, "Who Wants to Watch 'Joe Millionaire'"

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