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Thread: Is this going to Ruin things?

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    Is this going to Ruin things?

    Just curious...

    Does anyone else think this might ruin the whole "dating reality show" craze (ie. Bachelor, Bachelorette etc.)? If I was cast in the next Bachelor show for example as a suitor, I think I'd question EVERY single move of the Bachelor because of this Show.

    Just a thought!


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    Hi Sarah!

    I don't think so. There are enough desperate men/women willing to whore themselves out on national television to keep the Bachelor/ette going.

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    Agree with you, Jill. After all, this is about people wanting the spotlight, not really trying to find "true love."

    But ... if it does cause people to be a bit more cautious, then that's probably a good thing too!

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    I agree with Jill and Eden.

    Take Alex, the first Bachelor for example.
    If he truly had wanted to settle down then I think he would have chosen Trista rather than Amanda.
    She seemed more ready to settle down then than she does now imo, having now had an extra taste of "stardom".

    I think the fact that the realtionships never seem to work is mroe likely to be the death of these shows as far as the viewers are concerned.
    I think I would rather see people battling it out for a holiday on MMF than for a romance on a show like the Bachelor as the chances of the relationship working seem to be very slim.
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    here is my hubby's theory on these shows. He says that they are living the "fantasy" dating life. TO see if you are TRULY going to make it as a couple (or to see which one is best for you.. if you want to have a serious relationship), then stick them in some real-life situations. Make them spend a month together and give them a certain amount of money and tell them they have to pay bills and eat on it.


    Let the woman be really bad sick, see if he holds her hair back when she is hugging the toilet. Give the guy some back pimples and see if she pops them.

    All these things he "thinks" would be great. People who are married experience these things. If that is what the men/women are after on these shows, he says they will be able to see if they can find them in situations like these.

    I on the other hand.. Would NOT pop back pimples if my hubby had them and I still love him.

    I agree, with Jill and Eden, these people just want to be in the "spotlight" in hopes that they will make it "big"someday in hollywood.

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    Yes MB those are the real life things that life brings. I remember Trista taking care of wussy Alex after the helicopter flight when he was sick on the first Bachelor.That should have been a big clue she was more real than Amanda.
    Never marry anyone till they have seen you sick.

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