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Thread: the "mercenary" speaks

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    On ET tonight Evan infered that he may be in a relationship right now but it may not be with the one he chose...any thoughts?

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    Hi, Olivia!
    Melissa appeared much classier in this interview than she did during the show. I, too, liked how she simply addressed the embarrassing statements she made and the embarrassing things she did head-on, rather than try to dodge them for the sake of trying to make herself look better.

    Now, I would have liked a question about "looking ethnic."

    As for Evan being in a relationship now with someone who was not part of the show: Well, I didn't think they would be committed forever, and the real "fun" (at least for me) wasn't the "Will they or won't they?" question but how the woman would react when hit with news about Evan's financial status. Also, I'm now looking forward to the "twist" ending that Fox has promised us.

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