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Thread: A question for Skank Watcher and 67Curiser...

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    A question for Skank Watcher and 67Curiser...

    A few people in this forum mentioned that building a relationship based on deception is not working ( In this case, Evan is lying to the girls that he is a millionare, and later on he has to reveal his sercet). But what if it's the other way around...hmm.. if Evan is really a rich guy, he lies to the girls that he is an average joe. Suppose there is one girl stays for him at the end, do you think the girl would turn him down when she is told that Evan is actually a millionare?

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    I do, I think they would like the man and not the money, the money would be the brass ring surprize for them.

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    I think you either have the value system that will work with the person you love or you don't. If I loved Evan and he turned out to be misleading me I would have to decide if that deception was something I could build a life with or not. Money sure makes it easier to swallow(again I add gulp, gulp), but it can't be everything. I think even Sarah if chosen will put on a good face for the camera and the publicity that follows rather than come off as a gold digger at the end. Can any one say Playboy spread?

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    I don't think she would.

    Men and women look at potential partners from different perspectives, mostly based on the traditional style of homemaking.

    In the traditional style, men are expected to be the breadwinners, and the woman is supposed to stay home, clean house, prepare meals, and raise the children.

    Even though society is changing - mostly because no one can get ahead with just one spouse working, the mental concept still remains the same.

    Men are after women (when it is time to get married) who would be good mothers, housecleaners, good cooks, and good looking, and conversely women are looking for a guy who can provide for them.

    However, in the day and age where men are pigs, and don't give the emotional support necessary, and where it is very common for women to work in the same household where the man works, there will be quite a few women who would accept less cash, but achieve the happiness associated with a good relationship.

    The guy won't care, as long as the ladies strike his fancy.

    It would also depend on how the pool of women is chosen.

    Good Question!!

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    I think it would depend on the woman. Some women would just think it was an added bonus...a guy they like who happens to have money. Other women would be insulted that they were lied to and put to some unwritten test, and then just drop the guy.
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    If you met someone in real life who fudged a bit about their worth and admitted it, it might be easier to take than that this elaborate scheme. I think it's too much to ask someone to forgive this big of a lie.

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    Re: A question for Skank Watcher and 67Curiser...

    Since others beside SKank and 67c have tossed in their two cents, I thought I would add mine.

    I think one element a lot of us tend to forget when discussing all this (including me!) is that while there IS deception going on, it's due to the medium, to FOX network placing all these people in this situation... yes, we can all argue about 'well what kind of person would go on to a reality show,' but I think if the girl chosen truly digs Evan, she will probably figure that he 'lied' only because they were all on this show, but that outside of the show, he may be pretty honest. Whoever Evan picks, she may make an exception for this particular lie.

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    hahahahaha "lol its fun"... what a great concept.. he sits them both down and says.. " Hey I lied, I am a 19K a year bulldozer driver".................. and lets say Sarah gets up in a huff spits in his eye and leaves.... and THEN he goes... "I was lying.. actually I AM a millionaire!... come on Zora.. let's go shop for your rock"


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    It's time for the lowdown...

    We all will agree that there are skanks that will put out for the money. Is this Sarah??? Only she knows, but money looks to excite her more than Evan and his "rough edges".

    Zora seems to be everybodys favorite. She seems to have more virtue. But she is on the show, a show about matching a woman up with a guy that has money. It must interest her. She must have a bit of skank in her.

    The way I see it, if either of these girls is told he is a pauper, but decides to stick with him because they like (love) him, any money would be a bonus. Lies and all, money would help patch over all deceptions.

    Almost all of us have some skank in us...that is, we can be had for a price. Look at yourself honestly. We live in a totally sold out skank society.

    What do you think?...
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