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Thread: A question for Skank Watcher and 67Curiser...

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    Titles are so impersonal Rainenut's Avatar
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    I dont necessarily think just because Zora is on this show that she is a skank. Hey would you turn down a chance to go to France, all expenses paid? Also she hasnt gone out of her way to overly impress Evan (not like Sarah in the woods). Just a few thoughts.

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    Dear Rainenut:
    I like Zora as much as the next guy - even with the Huey Lewis calibur dimple in her chin, but still, just the nature of the application must bring out the interesting notion of marrying wealth.
    Skank Watcher is correct - we all have our price

    My price: Bassist for Creed - I'd like that . . .

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    Uh, sorry. I don't have my price. I've had that chance and passed, thanks. Not everyone lives in the twisted world of "I need someone to take care of me" land, which must be where the majority of people are part skank.

    Generalizing is lame. I know there is absolutely nothing skanky about me.

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