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Thread: 2 More Episodes, not just 1 more

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    Fox= Tricky Tricky

    Hi all,
    Was anyone else thinking last night was the last episode?
    I was!
    That Fox.......
    I would not have watched last night if I knew it was just going
    to be a STUPID RECAP!!!
    It was the longest show too. Very boring
    I thought if there were another commercial I'd scream!
    I'm going to be glad when this is over.
    Sarah makes me sick with her phony smile
    haha THE WINE being ordered kills me. She orders it with a french accent!! I hadn't noticed that before.
    AS much as I like Zora all I could think was JAN BRADY with the
    swinging hair!!
    I've been shut in the house sick for a few days and definately need to get out.......I am thinking I just got "over annoyed"
    peace out
    Stevie :

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    You're right about the Jan Brady hair! I noticed that too.

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