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Thread: Bambi's Diary- Joe Millionaire ep 5- "A Pendant is a Necklace, Right?!?!"

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    Bambi's Diary- Joe Millionaire ep 5- "A Pendant is a Necklace, Right?!?!"

    Dear Diary,

    Wow! Another week has gone by in what seems like minutes. I can't believe it's down to the wire so soon- next week Evan will be making his final decision! But anyway, before I get into THAT, let me tell you about everything that's happened lately.

    We all got to go on a private overnight date with Evan. First up was Melissa. When she was packing, she asked us to help pick out what clothes she should take. Obviously, she didn't listen to our classy decisions and took the skankiest looking dress she had. Honestly, she was about to fall out of it- and just last week she called MOJO a slut. :rolleyes Anyway, she left for her date, and Zora and I were honestly relieved to have a little time without her.

    When Melissa got back, we asked her the usual questions, but competitive girl that she is, she just smiled and uh-huh'd her way through them. Then it was Zora's turn to pack, and when she left, I was left alone with the Ugly Stepsisters. UGH. Sarah and Melissa are birds of a feather- the minute Zora left, they started mocking her for not wanting to wear a bikini. It's called MODESTY ladies, but obviously that's a foreign concept to you two. I started to wonder just what they would say about ME when I leave. Hmm....

    Zora returned the next night and the Ugly Stepsisters immediatley pounced on her. She refused to give up too much though, but later that night the two of us had a little meeting in her room and she gave me more of the scoop. She said that she and Evan did kiss, and really had a great time. I think of all the ladies, Zora likes him more than anyone else. I will be just as glad to see her end up with Evan as myself.

    Next, it was my turn to go on a trip with Evan. I boarded his private jet and was whisked away to the island of Crete. It was absolutely gorgeous there! Evan and I spent the day looking at some of the beautiful architecture, and that night had dinner on the beach. The night was really nice, we are finally opening up to each other and the conversation went well. He's so down-to-earth for a rich guy, it just amazes me. Then we went back to the hotel and he came up and kissed me goodnight. Sadly, no huge fireworks, but maybe I've set the bar too high.

    When I returned to the chateau, Sarah and Melissa immediately demanded details, but I definitely don't kiss and tell. Anyway, it was Sarah's turn to pack so she and Melissa traipsed off to pick out her clothes. When she was gone, we saw a whole other side to Melissa. She seems like she may actually be a decent person when Sarah isn't around. Ehh, doubtful. She was probably just trying to 'make nice' and see if we'd give up any more information about our dates.

    After Sarah got back, we were told the necklace ceremony would be the next day. I honestly wasn't sure whether or not I wanted a necklace, but I decided to wait and see what would happen. I could only pray that Zora would also be staying, and I wouldn't be left alone with the Ugly Stepsisters.

    At the ceremony, Alex told us we'd be receiving diamond pendants. Remember when I said Sarah was......not the brightest crayon in the box? Well I almost lost it when she immediately turned to Melissa and said "A pendant is a necklace, right?" Oh my goodness! Honestly, most fifth grade girls would know that a necklace and a pendant are one and the same. But alas, Evan and Paul came out with the pendants, and Zora, Sarah, and I received one. Poor Melissa had to go home. She was pretty upset, but honestly, Zora and I were glad to see her go. I'm interested to see how Sarah will act without her.

    Next week, we are going to find out who Evan picks! If it is me, I honestly don't know what I'd say. I'm willing to bet that Sarah is his final pick, though. He just can't see through her blonde hair and superficial smile. We shall see.


    **Disclaimer: Bambi is not really a contestant on Joe Millionaire. This article is purely a work of fiction. To contact the author, email KylieGrant@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Bambi, glad to see you made it through!

    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
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    Great job, Bambi! And Crete's nice this time of year, I bet.

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    I hope you didn't tell Sara she wasn't
    "the brightest crayon in the box"
    She fancies herself as intellectual according to her official bio.
    Hope you come through the next round Bambi!

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