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Thread: Goodbye skank!!!!

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    Hi, Olivia!

    I wouldn't say I was popular in high school. I wouldn't say I was hounded mercilessly, either. Just one of those people who floated around a bit. I think my sense of humor got me through those days (ie I could make people laugh). I still think it's an important trait, by the way, both professionally and personally, as we grow older and, hopefully, wiser.

    Your passage about meeting your wife made me think of a pet theory of mine. I call it "Why Being with a Woman is Like Having a Job." (And, no, this doesn't relate directly to your passage. It just jogged my thinking a bit.) Yes, this is a little sexist, but c'mon, I'm only funning around. Take it in the spirit it was intended.


    (Just substitute "job" with "woman" and see what I mean.)

    1. When you don't have a JOB, all you can think about is getting a JOB.

    2. When you do have a JOB, you wish you didn't have that JOB.

    3. When you don't have a JOB, it's very, very difficult to find a JOB.

    4. When you do have a JOB, you suddenly get many, many offers for other JOBS.

    5. When you see a JOB that looks like your dream JOB, you really want this JOB. After you get this JOB, you see all the problems associated with this JOB.

    6. When you interview to get a JOB, it's important to have some experience at other JOBS. But it's also very important not to show that you have switched JOBS often.

    7. You feel no JOB ever appreciates you (or compensates you) enough.

    8. Sometimes, you wish you had your neighbor's, brother's, or best friend's JOB.

    9. When you have a JOB, you are assigned extra duties that you didn't count on when you originally got the JOB.

    10. You get sick of your JOB before the first year's up.

    (Nope, I didn't get this off some email. And, ladies, I apologize for this ahead of time, but if it's any comfort, you can read my "What I Believe" post for a pro-woman rant. That's right, sisters! )

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    Yeah, women are a lot of work!
    Beauty is only skin deep. I love skin!

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    Phat! Hilarious!! (And I don't get offended at all - as I think you could equally replace JOB with MAN )

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    What a great and twisted analogy! It is true! They are ALWAYS around as soon as you get hooked up!

    I was watching Star Search (what a joke) the other night, and saw a comedian who also associated women with work. It went something like this:
    Ladies, have you ever had a guy hang around who was always into you, but you were never interested? You just like someone paying attention to you? You like having a friend (F-word) to talk to?
    Well let me tell you a secret: We're not there just to talk! We want some action. If we weren't interested in action, we wouldn't be hanging around!
    It's like an employer who has your resume, and even though you have every qualification necessary for the job, they decide not to hire you. Instead, they choose to hire a lesser qualified person who probably has a drinking problem, and sometimes never shows up for work. But, they want to hang on to your resume and telephone number because every once and a while, they'ed like to call you and complain about how bad the employee is (because you are so good at listening), and how they'd like to fire the employee, but don't want to go through the trouble . . . Very poigniant(spelling?)

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    Originally posted by nlmcp

    I don't think Melissa M is a bad as people are making her out to be. I think she is young, not very bright, and trying her hardest to "act" in a manner that she thinks Evan wants her to be. I think being friends with Sara was one of the worse things for her to do, because I think Sara was leading her several directions. I think Melissa is pretty but needs to grow up.
    Sorry, but being young and stupid does not explain being a RACIST COW ("Does this make me look ethnic?"), nor does it explain being an outright LIAR (saying one thing to some people and then the absolute opposite to others), nor does it explain being a complete bitch (Evan cooks dinner and all she can do is joke "when is the real food coming?").

    See this thread for more examples:

    [LYING GOLD DIGGER] A compliation of Melissa M quotes

    Sorry, Melissa M showed her true colors, and they weren't pretty.

    Originally posted by nlmcp

    The person most deserving of contempt? Evan and the producers of this train wreck.
    Um..... Why does Evan deserve contempt? This show was not his idea. He isn't deliberately causing ANYONE any harm. Every woman on this show is getting paid, probably has some sort of secret agenda (like starting a modeling or acting career), and gets to do all sorts of awesome stuff all over France.

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    my take on Melissa's "does this make me look ethnic" comment about the rather unflattering picture of herself was completely different. I could be totally wrong, but to me it looks like Melissa has Jewish heritage. When she made that statement to me it seemed that she was commenting that the picture of her accentuated her Jewish features, moreso than she generally views herself anyway. Maybe it reminded her of relatives who have more prominent ethic features. I don't see that as particularly racist.

    Not saying that any of this is fact, it's just how I perceived the comment (and my observation that I thought Melissa "looked" Jewish since the first picture I saw of her).
    Help fight cystic fibrosis or just learn more about it at the cystic fibrosis foundation website, www.cff.org and help give my little guy a better future.

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    Racist cow?

    That sure is extending the definition of racism pretty far. In fact, I don't see anyway to connect those dots. Like lurkinggirl, I thought it an innocent question.

    But, this is the United States of the Offended.

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    I never considered her ethnicity. I suppose she could be Jewish, but does it really matter?

    The only ethnicity I noticed was how fast any women who's skin was darker was gone in pretty quick order. Did anyone else nitice that?

    It does not really matter, unless you are the type who would think that a conspiracy is afoot . . .

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    67cruiser wrote:
    I don't think Sarah is all that good looking, but then again, I like women who are comfortable with their self image i.e. not bleaching their hair, or getting augmentations.
    I suppose I could cry about it, but hey, the one I disliked the most got da' boot!
    Alls good in the 67Cruiser house!

    What was intended was a subtle dig at Sarah's bleached hair and probable augmentation. She just looked and acted better than the other snot. I had someone to compare her to. Now that he other snot is gone, I'll be focusing my wrath on Sarah, that two faced little spoiled brat!

    I inderstand that Marilyn Monroe had EVERYTHING bleached. sounds a bit painfull, and a bit intriguing . . .


    I don't think you understood my points.

    My point about mentioning Marilyn's lines in "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" was to point out that
    1.) some of the women who are 'gold diggers' behave as they do because (even today, when women are supposedly 'liberated') feel as though they have to rely on men to have financial security. One way women have been taught to do this is by using their looks, since most males over value physical beauty.
    2.) The lines in that song point out that as women age, society tells them they're not what is thought of as pretty, no man will want them for who they are, or just as they are, so the lesson is: get the diamonds and money while you're young and can use your looks to get the money.

    The reason Marilyn dyed *all* her hair is because during filming of' The 7 year Itch,' she overheard some male idiot in the audience say, "Gee, and here I thought she was a REAL blonde." (Apparently, Marilyn's undergarments were very thin.) So some male idiot made her feel bad and insecure about the way she looked because he didn't think she measured up, in his view.

    You say that you like women who are 'comfortable' with their looks, but you are overlooking my point: the ones who are not comfortable are probably that way because of pressure they have received from society, boyfriends, and the media, to look a certain way.

    There are girls as young as 8 or 9 who are at a normal weight for their height, but they are on diets because they think they are too fat. Why rag on a female, or look down upon one, who is insecure about her looks?

    I have seen on some talk shows women who are extremely overweight -- I'm talking about women who are anywhere from 5 foot 1 inches to 5' 6" who weigh 300 - 600 pounds, but they claim they are comfortable with how they look -- if you were single, would you date a 5' 2" 500 pound woman who was comfortable with the way she looked?

    Some women bleach their hair and get breast implants and all the rest because men like you make judgements of their appearances: You are partially responsible for this phenomenon, so I don't see how you can put down some women. These women are uncomfortable with how they look because of men such as yourself.

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    Originally posted by 67cruiser
    Dear Gromit:

    I was slow to get to you post this morning.

    I was the dork (as a male) in highschool who was incredibly near sighted, who lacked social skills, and was not athletically (spelling)gifted. Everyone made fun of me. When I liked a girl, I let it be known, and the girl in question would actually be offended that I liked her. I had to then change my opinion of her, because I had really liked her.
    My wife went through hell in high school even tho she was the sought after one. She did not have big ta ta's, but was very attractive and had a very in-shape body. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD WHAT THE GUYS WANTED, SHE STILL SUFFERED FROM SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES! She got pregnant at 19 with some guy, and then after we were married, suffered from an ovarian problem that shot her weight up 100 lbs, and eliminated her ability to get pregnant. This problem existed undiagnosed for almost 10 years, and we just figured it out 2 years ago.
    My point:
    My wife and I now have healthy self esteem, and don't need other people's acceptance to feel good about ourselves.

    It is true that men objectify women, but I propose that many women contend with each other more than trying to clamour for the attention of a man.

    I liken them to territorial animals that have to go around peeing on everything.

    Just for the record, this is SOME, NOT ALL women. There are equally bad men out there, but I am more interested in women.
    Okay, I just found this post after making my last one.

    I don't deny that some women try to compete with each other, and not always over a man. I just don't think it happens as much as you think, once girls get out of high school.

    Females are usually into socializing, being friends: the worst thing they usually do to another female is to ostracize them from the social group. Boys are taught to compete and go for the jugular. I think all that is true even in this day and age.

    In junior high and high school, I do recall girls trying to out-do each other over things that were not about guys, such as who owned the most trendy clothing, who was the 'most popular.'

    I haven't seen it as much in adulthood. . . which isn't to say that women can't be b*tchy to other females, (which is why I do not like having a female boss), but I don't know if I'd chock it up to competetiveness (however that's spelled).

    I have a lot in common with you regarding school years:

    I was picked on a lot during my teen years for how I looked. I was the quiet bookworm kid who was a loner and didn't get invited to parties. I would associate with anyone, whether they were a metal heads, jocks, the surfers, the cheerleaders, or whom ever . By the time I was a senior in high school and then into college, I was wearing makeup, contact lenses, etc., and guys began checking me out and flirting.

    I was still insecure about my looks though since I was picked on day after day by guys at different schools I went to before. When you get that drilled into your head over a few years, it's very hard to get over.

    Now that I'm in my early 30s, I've got much more self esteem and don't give a flip what someone says about my looks, but I try not to rip on someone else for how they look, whether it's Melissa M from Joe Millionaire or whatever...

    which isn't to say I'm perfect, though. In an extreme case like Michael Jackson, I just wonder why anyone would undergo the knife that much to the point their face doesn't look natural anymore; he doesn't even really have a nose anymore.

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