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Thread: Goodbye skank!!!!

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    Originally posted by 67cruiser
    . . . . From the female viewer?s perspective, it is just another male driven show, exploiting women for the viewer?s pleasure. Again, the intrigue lies in Evan getting his just rewards by admitting the hoax. I am sure most women are waiting for this moment ? when the lady in question will spurn his affection as a result of the lie. Ladies, if Zora wins, you may not get your wish; however, Zora will probably never ever trust another male in her lifetime. . . .

    Addressing the virtue aspect . . . .

    The Ladies:

    Here is where the conundrum lies. In my previous posts, I have criticized Melissa M. both in character and in the physical. My criticism lies in the lie that she is telling herself. Namely, that she is ?good enough? for a very wealthy man. This lie is conceived by the perception that women tend to have towards other women. ..

    Women who have accepted themselves in the character sense, can be secure because their value is not based on what other women have.

    Let?s address the Melissa M ?good enough for a wealthy man theory?. Melissa M. is probably quite attractive in real life. She has a voluptuous figure that guys in high school probably revered. THE ONLY REASON SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS GOOD ENOUGH IS BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN TAUGHT BY OTHER WOMEN TO VALUE HERSELF IN THAT MANNER. I am guessing that Melissa M. was spoiled as a child (perhaps an only child). She was used to Daddy putting out for her. She really does not think he is that smart, and she was put off by the picture, yet when the axe fell, she was in tears. She was willing to compromise her value structure in exchange for the possibility of false happiness.

    Unfortunately, normal guys are really turned off by this. It is true, just look at who the wealthy guys marry ? pretty women. But how many are truly happy? Billy Joel? No, Bruce Springsteen? No, heck, even Donald Trump has not been happy. But look at someone like Jon Bon Jovi, who married his high school sweetheart. They seem very happy. Or perhaps Ozzie and Sharon. Sharon is the only reason Ozzie has not killed himself. With the impending cancer, I?m not certain how he will be able to emotionally cope with that.
    . . .
    I do agree with some of your points, but not all.

    Have you considered the well known fact that many women start out in youth being insecure about their looks and turn to the hair coloring, plastic surgery, etc., because the media tells them if you don't use the products they sell, if you don't look stick thin, if you don't look just like the models in the t.v. ads and magazine covers that you are an ugly bow wow who will never get a date? Some women never get over these feelings of insecurity.

    We're still in an age where women get judged by their looks, where they do feel pressured to use all the cosmetics and what all. How many guys, including the "normal" ones you mention, snap up copies or make a big deal out of the Swimsuit edition every time it comes out -- It seems like most of them. How many high school and college guys make fun of girls they're in school with whom they consider to be "ugly" -- I'd say a lot.

    When I was in junior high, the boys always picked the pretty, thin girls who wore make up. At that point in life, I wore thick glasses and didn't wear makeup (I am a female BTW, not a cross- dresser guy).

    One day in junior high school, as I was taking my place at my desk, I noticed that the boy behind me had taped a photo of a model who was in a bikini onto his book cover. While I was standing there thinking, "This guy is a sexist pig," he looked at me and said, "I know why you're staring at her picture -- you only WISH you could look like her."

    There may be a handful of decent men on the planet, but it's been my life experience that most guys are only interested in looks, or, if it's not the sole criteria they use to rate women, it still falls in the top 5 somewhere.

    Even on this Joe Millionaire show, Evan keeps checking out the women and regularly commenting on their looks. He said in an interview on the show that he couldn't 'keep his eyes off Melissa's 'ta ta's.'

    (To give credit to the guy: yes, he has also made comments about liking this or that woman because she is nice, classy, or what not. However, some of his views tend to boil down to: Girl A has nice legs, or Girl B has nice ta-ta's, so that's the only reason Girl B did not get booted off.)

    I don't think that your Billy Joel's, Donald Trump's, etc. would even CONSIDER 1.) dating a chick their own age 2.) an overweight chick 3.) a flat chested chick. It seems to me that so called "normal guys" want the young, busty, pretty types as well, if they can get one.

    --This was one of the premises behind the Al Bundy character on the old t.v. show "Married With Children". Off the screen, it's not unheard of for the middle-aged, balding, pudgy boss to start an affair with his leggy secretary.

    How many men would buy Playboy magazine if it featured women who were not what American males consider to be sexy, sexy to most white American males being huge kazonga's, stick thin, no cellulite or no flab at all? Not many.

    Yes, I'm aware that some women tape photos of half naked guys up sometimes. However, lusting after a person, or judging their worth or merits based upon looks seems to be predominantly a male trait. I've seen plenty of pretty women who date or marry ugly guys. How often would you see the reverse? Not often.

    If you're into 'natural beauties' --

    I've heard some guys say that they actually prefer women who don't wear make up, etc., and I laugh. Very few women go without makeup, and we ladies have a way of applying make-up so that it looks as though we are NOT wearing any (.eg., still use concealer and foundation to cover imperfections; using clear or brown mascara rather than black; wearing clear lip gloss / flesh- or pink- colored lip stick, rather than reds etc).

    It's hard for some women to be confident just as they already are when society and media tells them that they look like dogs. And many men, even the "normal" ones, focus too much upon the physical traits of women. Thus we have Marilyn Monroe singing, "Men grow cold as girls grow old, and we all lose our charms in the end... But square cut or pear shaped, these rocks don't lose their shapes, Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"
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    I agree....and I'm going to go futher.

    I don't think Melissa M is a bad as people are making her out to be. I think she is young, not very bright, and trying her hardest to "act" in a manner that she thinks Evan wants her to be. I think being friends with Sara was one of the worse things for her to do, because I think Sara was leading her several directions. I think Melissa is pretty but needs to grow up.

    The person most deserving of contempt? Evan and the producers of this train wreck.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Melissa reminds me of Monica Lewinski...
    (wish I knew how to put those funny faces in!)
    It's a dark innocence...
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    Originally posted by nlmcp
    I don't think Melissa M is a bad as people are making her out to be. I think she is young, not very bright, and trying her hardest to "act" in a manner that she thinks Evan wants her to be. I think being friends with Sara was one of the worse things for her to do, because I think Sara was leading her several directions. I think Melissa is pretty but needs to grow up.
    I agree - I think she was influenced quite a bit when Sarah told her "you got no game." Right then and there, I think Melissa decided she needed to use whatever female charms she had (which were all physical charms) as her last-ditch effort to win Evan. Even so, I feel she was "out of her element" and knew it, because she kept remarking that she didn't want Evan to consider like a little sister. To me she came off as naive, insecure, and easily influenced.

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    I don't think Sarah is all that good looking, but then again, I like women who are comfortable with their self image i.e. not bleaching their hair, or getting augmentations.
    I suppose I could cry about it, but hey, the one I disliked the most got da' boot!
    Alls good in the 67Cruiser house!

    What was intended was a subtle dig at Sarah's bleached hair and probable augmentation. She just looked and acted better than the other snot. I had someone to compare her to. Now that he other snot is gone, I'll be focusing my wrath on Sarah, that two faced little spoiled brat!

    I inderstand that Marilyn Monroe had EVERYTHING bleached. sounds a bit painfull, and a bit intriguing . . .

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    Monica Lewinski and "innocence" shouldn't be used in the same paragraph! lol

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    Dear Gromit:

    I was slow to get to you post this morning.

    I was the dork (as a male) in highschool who was incredibly near sighted, who lacked social skills, and was not athletically (spelling)gifted. Everyone made fun of me. When I liked a girl, I let it be known, and the girl in question would actually be offended that I liked her. I had to then change my opinion of her, because I had really liked her.
    My wife went through hell in high school even tho she was the sought after one. She did not have big ta ta's, but was very attractive and had a very in-shape body. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD WHAT THE GUYS WANTED, SHE STILL SUFFERED FROM SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES! She got pregnant at 19 with some guy, and then after we were married, suffered from an ovarian problem that shot her weight up 100 lbs, and eliminated her ability to get pregnant. This problem existed undiagnosed for almost 10 years, and we just figured it out 2 years ago.
    My point:
    My wife and I now have healthy self esteem, and don't need other people's acceptance to feel good about ourselves.

    It is true that men objectify women, but I propose that many women contend with each other more than trying to clamour for the attention of a man.

    I liken them to territorial animals that have to go around peeing on everything.

    Just for the record, this is SOME, NOT ALL women. There are equally bad men out there, but I am more interested in women.

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    and there are only a handful of women in the world that don't hate other women because they're "prettier" than they are. ;-)

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    Oh...btw, if you can't tell...it's generalizations that are one of my pet peeves. ;-)

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    Originally posted by 67cruiser
    My wife and I now have healthy self esteem, and don't need other people's acceptance to feel good about ourselves.
    This is also something that comes with age and experience and the ability to put important things in prespective; i.e. a good marriage is more important than looks. Young people don't have the benefit of being able to do this as well as someone who's lived a little. I'm not saying you're old, but I know my perspective and feelings of self-worth are much different at 41 than at 21.

    Women DO compete with each other, but there are an inordinate amount of women who measure their self-worth by how they are perceived by men. Sadly, there are too many women who believe they are worthless without a man. I know of many women who settled for bad relationships and marriages because they felt they were getting old and wanted to hurry up and get married. Of course that kind of thing is what helps keep the divorce rate so high.

    But these girls are put into the position where they are competing against each other for a man. So what do they do? They use all tools at their disposal which are looks, charm, intelligence. They push up their breasts, show a little underwear, wear skintight clothing to show off their assets because they know that in this circumstance, looks do matter; they matter a great deal. And when one girl wears something extremely revealing (see: Sarah in the hot tub), it raises the bar for the rest. The rest of the girls see that her tits are practically falling out of her bikini top, so they know that in order to compete, they'll have to follow suit. Fortunately there seems to be one girl who doesn't follow this formula, and that's Zora. Refreshing, isn't it?

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