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Thread: Goodbye skank!!!!

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    Did she want to bathe any French children?

    Play nice kids

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    Let’s look at this from a psychological perspective.

    The whole nature of the show is such that it will draw from the public the worst possible quality of human being: women who want a man for his material possessions. Even Zora, had to think of this as an attractive quality in a man, or why else apply? Why not date a single dad from her job as a teacher?

    From the male viewer’s perspective, this is like a dream come true: many women wanting after them. Like some women, some men enjoy being the objectified. We wish for the opportunity – not unlike an employer who has a host of qualified applicants for a given job. He gets to pick the MOST QUALIFIED for the job. In this setting, because of the lie, Evan has to try to choose the most qualified GIVEN THE LIE. That is what intrigued me the most about the show. At some point, Evan has to confront the hoax, and if he has developed any feelings for a woman, he has to address the whole reason why both he and her are on the show.

    From the female viewer’s perspective, it is just another male driven show, exploiting women for the viewer’s pleasure. Again, the intrigue lies in Evan getting his just rewards by admitting the hoax. I am sure most women are waiting for this moment – when the lady in question will spurn his affection as a result of the lie. Ladies, if Zora wins, you may not get your wish; however, Zora will probably never ever trust another male in her lifetime.

    Addressing the virtue aspect:


    Of course Evan has no virtue left because everything he is building on is based on a lie. No relationship can survive healthfully when based on deception. Read my lips: If the relationship will last, IT WILL REQUIRE ONE ON ONE THERAPY. Still, most men are envious of the position Evan is in.

    The Ladies:

    Here is where the conundrum lies. In my previous posts, I have criticized Melissa M. both in character and in the physical. My criticism lies in the lie that she is telling herself. Namely, that she is “good enough” for a very wealthy man. This lie is conceived by the perception that women tend to have towards other women. Generally speaking (and specifically in this case) women who have not accepted themselves in a character sense, look at other women, and try to justify what their value in life is. Part of that justification is based in monetary possessions. Money = Power. In other words, the value is based upon the value others place in their partner. Or INHERITED POWER.

    Women who have accepted themselves in the character sense, can be secure because their value is not based on what other women have. Did you notice all of those times when Zora received the precious stones that she never looked at her own? Instead, she looked at the others. Maybe that was a plan on her part, but I think more likely it is a character quality. Conversely, Melissa M. exhibited a Freudian Slip and pretended to rip the necklace from Zora’s neck. That spoke volumes to me.

    Let’s address the Melissa M “good enough for a wealthy man theory”. Melissa M. is probably quite attractive in real life. She has a voluptuous figure that guys in high school probably revered. THE ONLY REASON SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS GOOD ENOUGH IS BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN TAUGHT BY OTHER WOMEN TO VALUE HERSELF IN THAT MANNER. I am guessing that Melissa M. was spoiled as a child (perhaps an only child). She was used to Daddy putting out for her. She really does not think he is that smart, and she was put off by the picture, yet when the axe fell, she was in tears. She was willing to compromise her value structure in exchange for the possibility of false happiness.
    Unfortunately, normal guys are really turned off by this. It is true, just look at who the wealthy guys marry – pretty women. But how many are truly happy? Billy Joel? No, Bruce Springsteen? No, heck, even Donald Trump has not been happy. But look at someone like Jon Bon Jovi, who married his high school sweetheart. They seem very happy. Or perhaps Ozzie and Sharon. Sharon is the only reason Ozzie has not killed himself. With the impending cancer, I’m not certain how he will be able to emotionally cope with that.

    The dichotomy that I am, I will still watch the show. . .

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    Mizz Piper
    To: 67Crusier
    Fm: Piper

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    Mizz Piper
    Sorry about that....let me try this again.
    I enjoyed seeing another side of you and reading your thoughts from your perspective.

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    Originally posted by spegs
    I just can't stand the hypocrisy! You self-righteous posters are killing me. Sure, I thinks these girls are really embarrassing themselves and behaving a bit like prostitutes, but where is all the hatred coming from (I mean you 67cruiser and skank watcher).

    What do you have against golddiggers? Sure they exist. Women are impressed with success. Funny, isn't it, that there isn't a specific word for people who are only interested in looks--oh wait, could that word be "men"?

    If you think it is perfectly acceptable to want to be with a pretty woman, then it is hypocritical to think women are evil for wanting to be with a successful man. Both ways are shallow. Equally shallow.
    There is nothing wrong with it when you are honest about it.

    Melissa M, however, is a disgustingly fake, lying, piece of trash.

    See the thread with her quotes for examples.

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    I believe Spegs was simply trying to tell 67 and skank to watch how they were writing their thoughts.
    This is a PG board. If you don't care for that, feel free to leave.
    If it continues I don't doubt you will be asked or even banned.

    Feel free to reaquaint yourself, at the "before you post here" thread stickied to the top of the forum.

    In other words play nice, don't talk down to other posters like they were morons, Keep your language and writing in line.....

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    67cruiser... you said you didnt think Sarah was all that good looking but admire her cause she doesnt have augmentation or dyed hair?? ummmm how come she has BIG BROWN EYEBROWS?? if she is a natural blonde??....... bet that isnt the only coarse BROWN hair she is sportin! hahahahahah


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    How do I look? Skank Watcher's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Am I about to be banned? I don't hate anyone, except the Professor on Gilligan's Island because Ginger was really attracted to him and all he wanted to do is mess with that stupid radio!
    Beauty is only skin deep. I love skin!

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    Originally posted by Dustbunny
    67cruiser... you said you didnt think Sarah was all that good looking but admire her cause she doesnt have augmentation or dyed hair?? ummmm how come she has BIG BROWN EYEBROWS?? if she is a natural blonde??....... bet that isnt the only coarse BROWN hair she is sportin! hahahahahah

    Not to mention her blatantly fake (though very nice) tits.

    Hopefully when this show does nothing for her career she'll show up in Playboy.... or perhaps Penthouse for a bit raunchier spread.

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    Originally posted by TheBigCat
    Well, after showing her underwear on national television for NOTHING, I think she's earned the title "skank."
    I dunno, Madonna showed her bras and underwear in the mid-1980s in music videos, movies and magazine pictures and became a multi millionaire. But then, Madonna is a huge skank, the High Priestess of Skankiness.
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