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Thread: How Romantic: Toe Nail Fungus

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    Re: sarah's sophisticated?

    Originally posted by mommylee3
    Sarah going on about what kind of wine she enjoys- she has no wine vocabulary. On her meal- not sure it was gnocchi unless she doesn't know what it is made with she said it was boiled french pastry dough- gnocchi is a boiled flour and potato mix.
    Yeah, and I've never heard gnocchi pronounced like that before. IMO she was trying to impress HIM with her sophistication, not the other way around, which would seem more likely for someone with $50 million and all those "ettiquite lessons." Sheesh. :rolleyes:

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    It wasn't gnocchi that she was eating, but rather a form of dumpling. HE thought it was gnocchi, but did not know the name of the dumpling "with stuff in it"

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    evan's raviolli

    hey i think you are right she said raviolli condescendingly- I don't think he even said it- maybe he meant Pierogies?lol I love making fun of these people! class my ***

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    pierogies rock. Potato and onion are the best.

    they made gnocchi on last week's episode of Meet My Folks and on a dare one of the contestants dumped the whole tray of it on the floor.

    ravioli makes me think of Chef Boy-R-Di

    Sarah's a pretentious bitch
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    Originally posted by broken_pryncess
    ...i can't believe he thought she was sophisticated!!! i'd like to know what he thinks of her toe tapes...
    I saw a commerical for Entertainment Tonight a couple of nights ago where Mary Hart was asking Evan what he thought of Sarah's footsie flicks. I tuned in, but since I assumed that they were keeping that story 'til the end, I flipped to another channel just in time to flip back to Hart ending the interview with a "And that's how Evan feels about Sarah's movies" or whatever. I don't suppose that anyone else caught the interview??

    As for everyone talking about food, you're making me hungry, dang it! I've been dieting and exercising for the past couple of months. A fried truck tire sounds good at this point.

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