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Thread: Joe Millionaire Link/Info

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    Joe Millionaire Link/Info

    I read an article on Entertainment Weekly. Here are some highlights...

    Certain truths may be held self-evident on Fox's reality hit ''Joe Millionaire'': The quickly-eliminated Heidi will never be hired as a French tutor, MoJo is a silly name for a grown woman, and Evan Marriott will never be a brain surgeon. But that doesn't mean we don't have a mess of burning questions about the show. Read on to find out the truth behind Sarah's smoke out, Evan's oily 'do, and why the butler and the mystery hostess have traded spaces.

    Well, did the butler get paid?
    As for Paul Hogan, who has worked as a manservant since 1998, Fox will only say that he earned the standard butler rate. According to Werner Leutert, vice chairman of the International Guild of Professional Butlers (the organization Fox used to find Hogan), ''A butler like Hogan would be marketable in the $75,000 to $100,000 range prior to his newfound fame.'' And that's in addition to room, board, and any additional perks a generous employer might bestow.

    Three women who appeared on the show, including big-boned Zora and redhead Alison, conducted an interview with the New York Post whining about Evan's big lie. Was that a violation of their confidentiality agreement?
    No way. ''We actually set that up for them,'' says the Fox spokesperson, who notes that all of the contestants are well-versed in what they can and can't say to the press. In other words, non-specific b$@^*#ng (<--I edited this part) is allowed. Revealing Marriott's ultimate love interest? A big no-no.

    (FROM ME- I wonder if Zora's "whining" indicates that she was not Evan's choice...)

    Is Evan Marriott any relation, even distantly, to the Marriott hotel people?
    ''No, no, a thousand times no,'' says a Fox spokesperson. Even though rumors of Marriott possessing real-life riches abound, most of the so-called ''clues'' indicating a secret stash have been disproved: His fancy Los Angeles area house is a rental paid for by Fox, his father had to take on additional work to pay for his stint at the exclusive Hargrave Military Academy, and he claims his current ride (a Mercedes) is a loaner from a friend.

    This was the first time we've seen women smoking on a dating show. How many of the women smoked?
    Melissa M. and Sarah are the only two who lit up, and that may have had something to do with the setting. ''In France, everybody smokes,'' explains the Fox spokesperson, who adds that Evan was well aware that the pair were smokers. As for the smoking policy on competing dating shows ''The Bachelor'' and ''The Bachelorette,'' ABC declined to comment.

    Where have we seen hostess Alex McLeod before? And what exactly is her purpose other than to wear high heels and too much make-up?
    If you're missing Alex McLeod, who hosted one season of the hit TLC design show ''Trading Spaces,'' blame the butler. Hogan, 52, may not be an actor, but his witty insights about the girls and his poise in front of the camera made him an ideal spokesman. ''I think that, unfortunately, meant a little less screen time for Alex,'' says the Fox spokesperson. Maybe she should have spent her time redesigning the castle.

    There's more... Go to: http://www.ew.com/ew/report/0,6115,4...ourjoe,00.html for more info if you're interested. Enjoy!

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    Excellent article, LL!

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    Re: Joe Millionaire Link/Info

    Originally posted by LoveyLydz
    ''I think that, unfortunately, meant a little less screen time for Alex,'' says the Fox spokesperson.
    a little less? little? How about almost non-existant there Fox spokeperson (or is that spokesmodel?)

    Fantastic article LL!
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    Thanks for sharing that!

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