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Thread: Episode 5 (02/03) Discussion (includes post-show)

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    Can you say "melodramatic"????

    I almost cannot stand to watch anymore! Oh, poor Evan....tossing and turning over which woman to cut loose. "I've never lied to get a woman into bed".......gimme a break!

    He's a fair to midlin' actor (southern term for mediocre). The girls are a trip though! The only one I think worth keeping is Zora. And she's too good for him!
    Run while you can girls!!!

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    Well, she's outta there! I can't believe that she made it this far. She's probably thinking what a waste it was, showing her bra and panties on national tv.....wasted it on Evan!

    Awww, now Paul has to show her out. I kinda feel sorry for her. I feel even sorrier for Zora (she's staying!).

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    Well, I guess Sarah didn't pull any stops, and she get's to stay another week.

    Full on cleavage wasn't able to get Melissa through the elminiation. It's was so funny when Evan told her she was falling out of her dress.

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    Where the heck is everyone?
    I thought one of the funniest things was when Evan asked Zora, "Did you buy your breast?"

    The editing for Evan's tossing and turning scenes were really sappy. I just had to laugh at that.

    *fixed sentence
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    So glad Mellisa is gone. God I hate her.
    I actually feel a little bit sorry for Evan after this last episode. It looks like he is finally coming to grasps with what he has to do. It is not a situation I would want to be in.
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    So it's down to Zora and Sarah. I think Joe knows that Zora wants this less than Sarah, and as a result will have to let her go next episode. Which means that the gold-digger Sarah, who's been talking about how "she could get used" to the riches, will be in for a let down. I want to see her reaction!
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    Melissa melissa melissa. Although you were kidding, I'm sure if you could, you'd rip that diamond pendant of Zhora's neck for real

    I don't know if I can stand to listen to Evan's angst of immorality issues now that gee.... there's only 2 girls left. He sure wasn't complaining when he got all the attention. I try to like the guy but I just can't do it. He's not the sharpest tool in the box that's for sure! I love how Sarah mentioned that the dough balls he's pointing out in her dish wasn't ravioli. LMFAO...priceless that was priceless.

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    Evan Dumps Melissa

    Originally posted by Wolf
    Where the heck is everyone?
    I thought one of the funniest things was when Evan asked Zora, "Did you bring your breast?"

    The editing for Evan's tossing and turning scenes were really sappy. I just had to laugh at that.
    I didn't get on the net right after the show.

    Well, I had predicted that Sarah would get kicked off, but no, Evan kept her.

    It looks as though Evan slept with both Melissa and Sarah... there was the scene where Evan followed Melissa into a bedroom and they began sucking face.

    Yeah, I caught the part where Evan said to Zora, "Did you buy your breasts in France... um, er, I meant 'dress.'"

    He admitted to totally checking out Melissa's chest when she wore the skimpy dress.

    For the most part, I didn't like Melissa, but she was at least trying to be classy at the end, after she was not selected.

    I still hope he chooses Zora next go round, but NOW he looks like Sarah was the one he's ga-ga over, after tonight's show.

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    Originally posted by Bill_in_PDX
    I agree with you fluff. Unless Zora has figured out the whole scam, I have to believe that winning, but then having a huge lie like this dropped on her is not going to be good for her already hesitant to trust attitude.
    True, true... but she did seem to open up a bit to Joe/Evan tonight. She seemed more at ease with him, when they were in the pool.

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    Joe Mill Ep 5 *** spoiler ***

    Assume that many of you watched something else b/c I can't find a spoiler thread for tonight's ep.

    Melissa is gone! OK, that was all for now

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