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Thread: Episode 5 (02/03) Discussion (includes post-show)

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    ==== Car door issue ====
    If ANYONE (woman or man) doesn't do it, my first thought is that this person is not inherently considerate of others.

    Of course, if they have to contort themselves in weird ways (of which I've never seen a car where one couldn't lean over a bit and touch the door), then I'd surely understand if they didn't.

    ======= Sarah or Zora ===========
    Evan cares about Zora. He was pleasantly surprised, and commented about it, when she noticed him looking at the bulldozer. He told her no other girl pointed such things out to him and there have been many chances.

    Sarah is great for fondling, but most guys are not all that impressed with a woman who gives it up easily. They love them when they're giving it up, but for a long-term thing... Nope. Especially when they have a choice.

    If Evan REALLY wanted Sarah, she wouldn't have had to go into his room. She would've been invited. It's not like he wasn't sure she was fondling action. He knew she'd go there and he STILL didn't invite her in. Says a lot.

    Plus, when has he tried to get to know any of the other girls? Zora, he begged her with questions. The others... he looked at their breasts.

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    See now that is a really honest guy account of things...especially the last line.
    As for the car door thing -real men ARE up for the person that gets to the door first opens the door to for the others.

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    Originally posted by ailongam
    I found it really considerate on Zora's part to scoot over instead of making Evan go all the way around (even though he ended up doing so).
    I have to agree with you. It was very nice of Zora to scoot over. Unfortunately, Evan didn't see that and he ending up going around and then had to come back when he saw Zora on the other side. That was pretty funny.

    BTW, Welcome ailongam. Glad you could join us.

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    Originally posted by catspajammas
    Hmm..from what I saw, she didn't seem to notice that he was going around to the other side. She seemed to be preoccupied and scooted over to let him get in after her.
    anyway...that's what I thought...
    My husband and I watched part of the reshowing and caught the Zora and car thing. That is exactly what my husband pointed out, but from his point of view, she was so not interested in where he was that she didn't even notice he wasn't behind her getting into the car. He took it as a sign of her being totally disinterested in him as a person.
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