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Thread: Evan and Sarah in the woods

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    Thanks sweetie! Welcome to the FORT pick a room and get unpacked! The bathrooms are convienantly located, the bar is always open and ummm the rest is up to you!

    Gourmet Southern cook huh? a kindred spirit!

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    God that was too much with the ummms, hmmmmm, ahhhhh and more mmmmmmmm. I think they got touchy feely but I don't think anything resulted into oral as you guys implied. But she did say mmmmm alot and you can't really mmmmm if your mouth's full can you.

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    Originally posted by Geneavieve
    Uhhh Jaci, if nothing happened then why did sara say when she came in the door, that was the best excersise she has had in a long time....and you can bet she wasn't talking about the bike ride.
    Hmmmmm.....have to disagree with you.
    I think the excersise she could of been talking about was all the walking they did to get away from the cameras.

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    I don't think they did anymore than just kiss, though I did hear (and read) a *gulp* in there. Heh Whatever they did, Sarah knows exactly what Joe wants and know how to deliver.
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    Originally posted by Mokka
    But she did say mmmmm alot and you can't really mmmmm if your mouth's full can you.
    Maybe she was sucking his fingers only...lol......I mean with so much alcohol, who knows?

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    Okay, that was way too much "gulp, gulp & slurp". Unless, of course, Evan is a heavy "drooler". Yuck!

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    I am sure this is actually what I heard:
    Sarah: ahh uhh Mum Hahaha............Think it'll go better laying down?......ahh.....shh........ .mum...glup......(slurp)...... ahh....(slurp)....(smack)....u mh.....(smack)....huh ha he.....sandel......

    And then the scene changed and Evan followed Sarah as they entered the house. At the same time, Sarah was rubbing her face and mouth.....

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    "wow last week I was operating a forklift, and now I'm getting a hummer in France by a hot girl"


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    I'm so hoping they were just kissing. I mentally couldn't handle someone who decided to go further when the tape is still rolling. But...whatever (it seems that slips out a lot when I post on this show)
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    I was thinking it was oral as well. Sarah was pretty lit. Who knows though.

    I wish he would have booted Melissa though instead of MoJo.

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