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Thread: Evan and Sarah in the woods

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    Originally posted by StevieM
    they did the deed. She's a slut. Period.
    He is too!
    Actually, he's worse!
    glad this show is over (even though I loved it)!!

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    if you can watch it again, watch how she does the tongue into the side of her cheek to make it buldge out like she would be doing the deed. thats what tipped me off that she did the lewinsky

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    "I'm horrified," Kozer - who got the boot from fake rich guy Evan Marriott in Monday night's finale - told the Daily News yesterday. "[I'm] completely embarrassed."
    You were embarassed by that and yet now you are going to pose nude?

    Do you realize your bare tits will be available FOREVER to anyone who does a web search on your name?

    "I'm hoping to do ... a cookbook, and [there's talk of] a reality cooking show," said Kozer, who has a broadcasting degree from George Mason University. "I've also had some hosting offers. I've got an audition with E! for a style show."
    ... Or perhaps instead of that you'll pose for Playboy.

    Don't get me wrong.. I'm GLAD she is posing for Playboy. I hope more Joe girls pose. But I say that for selfish reasons.

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