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Thread: Ep. 4 preview spoiler???

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    Originally posted by lurkinggirl
    let's not discount that putting something like that (spoiler material) in the ad may prompt some viewers to seek out an internet site to discuss their findings, thus making them even more interested in the show.
    Hmm...a site like the FORT perhaps, LG?

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    Originally posted by RealityBites
    You really think Fox would be that lame?? Has any "possible spoiler" or teased item in the Previews been accurate on this show just once?? Or on any other reality show??? No shot!!!
    RB, how about the previews to the final episode of Survivor 6, where they showed the last four Survivors at tribal counsel, and you could see that Brian was wearing the immunity necklace?Then when the show aired, we saw that in fact, that was exactly what happened. How about that time?

    And FOX isn't nearly as polished in these things as CBS. And then there is also the Melissa necklace pic that Fluff mentioned.

    So there are two examples just off the top of our heads.

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    oh wow!

    wow Yankee Kitten! i noticed that as well!! i posted it on another forum before i found this one i'm glad, i like Sarah.

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    Yankee Kitten
    Hi Jaci! Your name makes me think of Jaci Phelps...or is it supposed to?

    Tonight's the night! We shall see if we're right.

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    actually my name is said like "Jackie" but its cool that you said it reminded you of Jaycie Phelps... back in 1996 she was one of my favorite gymnasts!!
    by the way Yankee Kitten... i think we ARE right... but we'll find out!!!! too bad i have to go to practice tonite from 7-930 so i'm having to record it!! aaah its going to be so bad when i'm at the gym thinking "ok.. Evan is probably picking right now...."
    darn it- i am SO hooked on this show!!! lol
    enjoy the show everyone.... Sarah will make it!!!

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