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Thread: Episode 3 discussion *Spoilers*

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    He made the right choice in cutting Alison. She truly wouldn't be happy with him.

    I did think it was interesting, though that when Zora asked him what he was thinking (when he was being so quiet) he said "nothing, just taking it all in." Then Alison said the exact same words to him when he asked her what she was thinking. Mr. Eden pointed this out to me, saying he thought Evan had a bit of a double standard there. "It's ok for me to clam up, but when you do it means you're not "into me."

    I wish Zora would have just told him, "look, I feel very intimidated by all these riches. I grew up dirt poor and I've had to earn everything I have. It makes me uncomfortable to be surrounded by all this luxury." Wouldn't that have pleased Joe? Just goes to show, it often pays to just honestly speak your mind and take your chances.

    The drawing of Melissa was awful! Gah! I do, think, however, that Alison was wrong about not displaying a portrait of yourself. I have a really neat charcoal drawing of me at age 17 that I display in our bedroom. It's something nice to pass on to the kids and grandkids, too. Of course, mine doesn't look like a characature!

    Mojo. God, what an embarassment. There just are no words.

    Who do you think he's talking about next week when he says "she's an opportunist?" I think that all the girls are, except Zora. I hope Evan and Zora end up together.

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    I wish Zora had told him too. In fact I thought she would be cut because she didn't tell him.
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    The drawing was terrible.
    I was so funny how she had to pretend to like it then trashed it when she got back with the women.
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    I think that Evan's decision of letting Alison go is right. Remember in the first and second episodes, Evan said " Alison doesn't seem the type of girls who would date me...she doesn't seem like she is interested in me....but she is hot and I will give her a shot". And last night, Alison kind of showed Evan that she is not interested in him, but she just didn't want to say it directly( maybe she did,but we didn't get to see that part!). And later on, they were both more relax because the guessing game was over, and Alison was happy to tell him the truth.
    On the ohter hand, Zora didn't give Evan the kind of impression that she doesn't like him. She just confused him by no wanting to say to much of her personal life, and hey after all , what do you want?? This was just the first date that they had opportunity to talk to each others exclusively.

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    I still can not believe he kept Zohra. Their date looked like it was very uncomfortable, boring and and no fun at all. I couldn't imagine wanting to subject yourself to that again. At least with Alison he might have had a little fun on the next date. If Zhora isn't the next to go I will be very surprised
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    I bet Alison wouldn't be happy with anybody.

    Mojo's hat screamed trailer trash.

    I think he kept Zora because he really likes her and she didn't come out and tell him that she wasn't interested.

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    Melissa M. seemed really nice in the beginning, but now I'm getting the feeling that she is a total fake.

    Even though she looked ridiculous in that hat, I kind of felt bad for Melissa Jo when all those other "ladies" lied to her and told her that the hat looked great with the ensemble she was wearing. Reminded me of that movie "Heathers". That hat was pretty awful, though. It looked like a UFO landed on Mojo's head.

    Like I said earlier, I still like Zora the best. It was a surprise that he kept her instead of Alison, but Evan did say he was intrigued by Zora. Alison was too sophisticated for Evan. Didn't really help when Evan was picking at his food and kept talking about hamburgers.

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    Anyone notice Alison's "Faux-Pas number one" comment when Evan let the cork hit the ceiling? Anyone who lets that make a mark on her, much less bother her, is going to be mighty dissapointed with ANYONE she hangs around.
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    Originally posted by Zaius
    Anyone notice Alison's "Faux-Pas number one" comment when Evan let the cork hit the ceiling? Anyone who lets that make a mark on her, much less bother her, is going to be mighty dissapointed with ANYONE she hangs around.
    that was a great way to put yourself down. putting on "airs" like that.

    that happened to me one day. out on a date, opened a bottle of chanpagne. got the basket off and before i could grab the cork, it popped off and hit the ceiling and came down and broke one of the glasses. how embarassing. but I turned to me dat4e and said " bet no one you've dated before can do that, that easy" she busted a gut laughing.......at me or with me? I'll never know

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    Allison: I agree with everyone else in that Evan was wise to cut her. Allison would never be happy with Evan as he is too unsophisticated and it is clear she has major problems with that. I think she was sad to be "cut" and was sad to leave the fun and excitement of the process. I also think she honestly enjoyed hanging out with Evan (after their "confessions" to each other) but it would never come to anything more.

    MoJo: Unlike the masses, I like MoJo. I agree the hat was annoying, I agree that she is often annoying, and I agree that she is probably not the classiest of the girls. But hey, Evan ain't very classy either. Unlike a lot of folks hoping for a train wreck at the end, I am a sucker for a happy ending. Thus, I see MoJo as actually being someone Evan might have a lot in common with.

    Zora: I am sooooooo glad Evan somehow saw something in Zora and kept her. I think she represents Evan's BEST CHANCE for a successful post-show relationship. She clearly likes him or else she would never have tolerated his "I had fun with the other 2 girls" comment (which was very lame, though as with everything else on this show, might have been edited out of context). She seemed to be sad that she was uptight and couldn't loosen up. She also seemed to be sad that she had no juicy details and thus didn't want to face the rest of the girls.

    Zora seems the least fake. You can notice that she is rarely (if ever) hanging out with any of the other girls. She doesn't want to get involved in their catty BS. The only other girl she ever was shown hanging out with was Allison, who was the second least catty of them all.

    I am rooting for Zora! For her own and Evan's sake.

    Sarah: I think Sarah is the 2nd most fake of them all (which means you should know who I think is the worst...). The "smoker" conversation was hideous. She was rubbing Melissa M's nose in the fact that her kiss was sexier. It was ridiculous. Also, she makes a good number of comments about money and such. I think she's in it for the bucks. I do think she is pretty, and does have a "rocket body" (I don't know what that means, but it sounds good and Sarah DOES have a great body), but I think she's as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

    Melissa M: This girl is the most fake, prissy, bitchy, one of them all. She is also the biggest gold digger. She makes by FAR the most comments about the wealth, cars, luxury, extravagance, etc that they are surrounded by. Melissa M is, however, the odds on favorite for the people who want the nastiest fallout at the end. Melissa is definitely the one who would be the most unhappy that Evan is *NOT* actually loaded. I don't think that lying 'ho would be able to hold in her rage. That would be amusing, but I'm still hoping for a happy ending for Evan, thus I am not rooting for Melissa.

    Do you remember when she and Sarah are having their smoking conversation? I backed up TiVO multiple times to hear that "YAY!!!!!! I am so glad you had a good time." Oh man, that "YAY!" made me want to vomit. I should have saved that, burned it to DVD, and marketted it as a weight loss product. She was so *NOT* happy. Why would you ever be that excited that someone else had a good date with the SAME MAN YOU ARE TRYING TO SNAG??? Sarah and Melissa talked about their dates as if they were girlfriends dating DIFFERENT guys. But the problem is, they are dating the SAME GUY, which means their motives are blatantly insidious. They are clearly trying to sandbag each other, dig for details they can play to their advantage, and undermine the confidence of the other. I think the main reason Sarah said she hoped Melissa M moves on is because Sarah feels she can beat her.

    Let's take a moment to address how BUTT FUGLY Melissa M is. She looks like Monica Lewinsky after some BAD plastic surgery. Her buck teeth were APTLY portrayed by that picture!

    And as for that picture..... HOW MUCH MORE FAKE can she get? She gushed like crazy when she got it, and even seemed to be bragging about it when showing it to the other girls. They were playing along (Alison even said: "holy gift on a first date, batman") until she started bashing on it.

    Then she REALLY made me sick with her pejorative comment "It makes me look ethnic." She says that as if looking ethnic is akin to looking like the elephant man or something. What a spoiled, stuck up, racist wench.
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