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Thread: Zora

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    Has anyone read this http://www.eternalgoddessbook.com/mother.html lloks like the photo has been removed and the link that went to this page.

    I was also wondering if we can post text copied from there here just encase it dissappears?

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    To Vstroud

    Yes, I read it....it stated that her father delivered her at home and that all her mother had for pain killer was "half a joint that they'd been saving for the occasion". Sounds like Zora grew up in an extremely difficult childhood. New Age, drugs, etc. She seems too nice to have come from that type of background. I like her, so I hope she doesn't wind up with Joe Zero....she can do much better.

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    ottawa newpaper about Zora

    Enjoy all you Zora fans!

    Will Zora get her man?
    Joe Millionaire contestant's quiet classiness pays off, say two series insiders


    Monday, February 03, 2003

    Zora Andrich 'is not a gold digger,' says friend Gloria Ramsey.

    From the very first episode of Joe Millionaire, Zora Andrich has been the only woman who just doesn't fit the image of a gold digger.

    When the 19 other contestants pushed and shoved each other on the first show to get to choose their evening gowns for that night's affair, Andrich stood quietly by and got stuck with an ill-fitting dress.

    While the other women oohed and aahed over French chateaus and pondered ways to spend the star of the show's alleged $50 million inheritance, the statuesque beauty kept quiet.

    And when three of the other finalists crashed her hot-tub date with hunky construction-worker-turned-pseudo-millionaire Evan Marriott last week -- wearing bosom-bearing bikinis -- Andrich (who wore a demure tank top over her own bathing suit) calmly got out of the tub and went to bed. Alone.

    All that classiness may have paid off.

    In the latest issue of the Globe, the supermarket tabloid, has a front-page story that cites two "insiders" who claim the leggy brunette gets her man -- and the pair got married at the French chateau where they met.

    The tab's cover has a picture, which appears to have been digitally altered, of a beaming Andrich in a wedding gown sitting on the lap of a grinning tuxedo-clad Marriott.

    Reached by telephone at her Lambertville, N.J., home, Andrich sounded warm and friendly, a contrast from the shy, socially awkward woman she comes off as on the show. She just chuckled when asked about the Globe story.

    "I think it's hilarious," said Andrich, 29, who was most recently a substitute teacher in the town located about 40 miles north of Philadelphia. "I'm like, 'Where do people get this stuff?'"

    She apologized profusely but declined to comment further, citing a contract she signed with Fox TV that forbids her from talking about the show or herself without the network's approval.

    However, other signs don't bode well for her being the winner. At a recent party for TV critics in Los Angeles, Marriott claimed he didn't even know where Andrich was from.

    And on the show's own website, in a section titled "Zodiac sign compatibility," astrologers claim a Cancer (Marriott) and a Sagittarius (Andrich) are not a good match.

    "One-night stand -- definitely," an unidentified astrologer wrote. "Long-term prospects -- not so much. Cancers love Sagittarius. But Sagittarius can't really be tied down to a nice home and a simple lifestyle. Bottom line, it'll start out great but be careful about opening up, Cancer, because your heart just might get broken."

    If Internet chatter is any indication, Andrich appears to be a favourite of viewers.

    "She's America's sweetheart and my bet is she'll be around for a while," wrote isabella19. "I've no idea why she went for this show but she's there to set the others off in their shallowness and bitchery."

    Andrich graduated from Boulder (Colo.) High School in 1991, where she was voted "homecoming queen" by the student body.

    Tamsen Meyer, who taught Andrich in her leadership class and described her as "gentle" and "nice," said those humble sentiments are quintessential Zora.

    "All the boys were in love with her because she was so beautiful but she was a very, very nice girl with a capital 'N,' " she said. "They were all a little bit in awe of her."

    Andrich left Boulder to attend Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., which she paid for herself, friends said. Somewhere along the line she moved to Lambertville. Andrich graduated from Rutgers in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in sociology, a representative for the college said.

    When she was 19, Andrich got a part-time job caring for Mary Cortina, an elderly woman who'd suffered a stroke, couldn't walk and was mostly blind.

    "I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful person to take care of my mother," said Gloria Ramsey, of Morrisville, Pa., who hired Andrich. "She loved my mother and my mother loved her. She's a joy to be around. She's a very lovely, kindhearted person."

    On the show, Andrich said she doesn't like to talk about her past because she comes from "extreme poverty."

    Ramsey, who considers Andrich part of her own family, said she doesn't know much about that because Andrich never talks about herself.

    "She's very private," she said.

    Andrich cared for Ramsey's mother for eight years. Cortina died in May 2001 and Andrich now cares for another elderly person, Ramsey said.

    Ramsey thinks Andrich decided to do the show because she's been trying to launch a career in acting after years of studying the craft and dabbling in modeling.

    "She's not a gold digger," she said firmly. "She doesn't care about money. I think she's doing it for the fun of it."

    Ramsey said she and her husband, Ed, haven't seen Andrich since the show debuted but have talked to her a few times and corresponded by e-mail.

    They claim they don't know if Andrich wins and said the only thing Andrich has said about Marriott is that he is "sweet." They watch the show religiously every week and tape it, too.

    Ed Ramsey said he's not sure Andrich would marry Marriott if he does choose her.

    "There are two sides to Zora," he said. "One side might decide to be successful in show business but the other side doesn't like too much public attention. You can't have it both ways. Celebrity status is hard to live with."

    Here is also a link to another article
    I hope I am doing this right...Lee
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    Interesting... thanks for posting ML!
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    Well, everybody seems to agree that Zora is a nice person. She truly does come off as a genuinely nice person on the show.

    The "Zodiac sign compatibility" comments had me chuckling. The relationship is doomed because a Cancer and a Sagittarius are not a good match. :rolleyes

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    Thanks for posting the article.

    I agree that Zora has really stood out as being the classiest of the ladies that we got to know a bit better, even thought that in itself doesn't appear to be much of a challenge.
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    I think Zora has conducted herself remarkably well, especially when the editors would undoubtedly air anything 'golddigish' in support of the premise of the show.

    However, I don't want her to win. I think the winner is really the loser, and the loser left in this horserace is Sarah.

    Obviously if this turns out to be a sham, then none of this matters.
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    I agree Bill, I think Zora would actually be hurt to find out Evan had been lying to her like that if she does have any feelings for him.

    I think Sarah would just be annoyed that he doesn't have the cash.
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    Somewhere else I had read that her parents were Hippies- maybe the secrets of her childhood are that her parents were town pariahs. She couldn't have had it that bad (poverty wise) but I think in Boulder you are either rich or not- maybe she just was teased by the rich kids. What ever the case she definitely is my pick...I want her to win just so that Sarah comes in as second choice. Too many Sarah-type girls in my history.

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    Well, let's think about this for a minute. The original "intent' of this whole show (aside from making money for everyone involved), was to deceive twenty women into thinking that a certain man was rich, and in need of a good woman by his side. The "hope" was that this "rich" man would find a woman that truly could love him for him and not his money.

    So, with that, what would be terribly wrong with Zora "winning", and totally accepting Evan for Evan, and forgiving him the deceipt? I for one hope that to happen (well, deep down I've fallen in love with Zora, but I'm willing to put those feelings aside for the benefit of Evan).

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