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Thread: Zora

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    I know you love Zora, but you have to leave her forum every once in a while and experience life.

    To read about Sarah and her bondage career, go to the post named "Sarah and her Bondage movies "!
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    Yea, I finally wandered out of this thread and saw the less-than-great stuff

    I'll stick to Zora . . .

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    Originally posted by Skank Watcher
    I wonder what Zora's hiding that's making her so uncomfortable on the show.
    Maybe she killed a bunch of people

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    Ophelia- Zora asked Evan if she had anything in her teeth.

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    thanks kylie, that was it. so funny. the only one that came up to him with something clever. zora rocks

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    I gathered from what she said at the dinner that she didn't have a good childhood. She made a remark about not having a lot in common with the happy family stories. I think that is what I remember hearing.

    I think that they are editing her for the whole Disney type ending...anyone else see Cinderella here. HUmm...unhappy childhood...no ballgown, then a beautiful gown....other girls not nice, sort of wicked stepsisters image....she loves animals, all those cutey shots of animals....the only one that has not kissed the prince yet. Plus Disney has been mentioned at least a dozen times since the first day.

    Maybe when she finally kisses him he will turn into a frog.

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    I keep wondering why Zora is still there. If I had a lousy time on a date with a guy and then the next date I had with him he ditches me for 3 babes in bikinis, I would be telling the guy "so long loser". It seems like she is here for the money too....why else put up with such crappy treatment???
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    I'm begining to think there is some kind of financial penalty for not accepting a necklace. Honestly, this woman Zora looks like she has a gun pointed at her head to keep her on the show. She is obviously not enjoying herself, and seems honestly amazed that JoeEvan has not picked up her subtle pleas for dismissal.

    But she came on the show....why? Free trip to France? I can't figure her out.
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    I am guessing that FOX is editing out most of the things that go WELL on the Evan-Zora dates so we are SHOCKED when he keeps her.

    Their abuse of editing is getting really out of control.

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    I agree spegs, Zora never really looks that happy to be receiving the necklace.
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