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Thread: Zora

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    While she was evasive during the date; he didnot have to bring up how muchbetter everyone else was doing in his eyes. There are much better ways to lighten up a date and make sure that everyone has a good time. He was not nice and I can not see why he kept her on the show when he was so disappointed with her.

    At the necklace ceremony she looked stunned and I was sure she was going to say,"No way, I am out of here!". Maybe the thought of that money just would not let her do it.
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    well, I think the attitude gets to her. I bet she feels like she could never fit in and wonders why he would be interested in her. I like her, wish i could find her and take her out. bet she'd be more at ease with me.

    shes had it tough and is embarrassed by her past i bet.

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    I think that she's extremely cute.

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    she has that girl next door type of look to her.

    just something about her i like more than the others, sorry sarah!

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    She made a short little blurb about not having a great childhood or great time growing up. Thats not the kind of stuff you lay on a stranger or first date. She wasn't being secretive , just didn't want to go thru all the explaining.

    I get the impression that all this rich stuff makes her very uneasy. If thats the case, then this is the girl for Evan, but he's going to have to work more than three months.

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    I think she could have explained herself a little more, she just seemed to clam up.
    I also agree with many others here who've stated that she could at least have looked thankful for the gift he gave her.
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    I AM a Zora Fan

    Zora is looking better and better every episode. At least the butler did not make her wait till the last necklace. Did anyone notice that she did not look at her own, but admired the other girls necklace?

    The Hut Tub:

    It's probably not that often that a blue collar guy gets 3 women jumping in the tub when he's on another date. I agree that he should have been the gentleman.

    The other girls were hanging out to the point of embarrasment (If they had any decency). If the situation was reversed, and another woman was in the hottub, would have Zora joined the floozies in breaking up the date? I don't think she would.

    On the other hand, maybe she is playing coy, but again, I don't think so. There was a moment in an earlier episode where she indicated to the TV (I think) that she had grown up without a lot of money, and would feel uncomfortable dealing with a lot of money. She seemed genuinely surprised when she beat out the red-head. I do not think she thinks that she is better or prettier than the others, and that quite frankly that is attractive to me. She wanted a tank top, presumably to hide her chest or belly, which might be less "defined" than the others.

    I think that the other girls are feeling quite threatened by Zora. Notice the look on the other girls faces when they came back from their jaunt? They really thought something was going on. Evan did nothing to reduce their suspicions (snicker, snicker).

    Zora reminds me of a respectable Demi Moore, but has a more down to earth presence. I am not so sure that Evan is good enough for her. However, when confession time comes, she'll probably be relieved instead of disappointed. I'm glad he kept her around.

    Zora, if you are reading this, I am a decent, less-than-wealthy guy who thinks you are a classy lady, if you are interested. I'm just curious why you'd place yourself in a house of harlots!

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    Great post!

    I was wavering on Zora but after last night, she's heads and tails better than the other 2.
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    Zora rules!!

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    Zora, if you are reading this, I am a decent, less-than-wealthy guy who thinks you are a classy lady, if you are interested.
    Cruiser - This sounds like true love.
    Beauty is only skin deep. I love skin!

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