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Thread: Sarah

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    Flip Flops vs. High Heels, etc

    Originally posted by Amandra Lynn
    Im also not a fan of Miss Sara ... But it takes her so long to figure out what to wear, and i dont see her being able to sit on the couch in sweat pants with Even to drink a beer,)
    You forgot the rubber, flip flop sandals he always wears! Just like Paul telling her, "Uh no, your next date will be a walk in the woods with Evan," she had to slip out of her high heels and into shoes. She didn't seem too happy about that!

    How would she like to spend the rest of her life in flip-flops?

    Jill said,
    >>maybe [Sarah is] trying to convince Evan that she's the perfect woman to help him suit his fortune better?<<

    I found that an interesting insight, especially when I recall how Sarah was asking Evie on one of their dates (the wine tasting one I think) what he planned to do with his $50 million, such as travel the world or whatever.

    Maybe she thinks she knows better than he what to do with the $50 million and that he's too stupid to know how to invest it on his own.

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    Did you all notice that when Sarah was trying to order the wine she had adopted some kind of accent? It was like she was attempting to make it sound French so the waiter would somehow understand her better. And the really painful part was that the "accent" seemed to impress Mr. Numbnuts all the more. I guess it made her sound even "more sophisticated". OMG they do pretty much deserve each other at this point.

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    I'm convinced that Sarah was a bit tiddly when she & Evan were ordering dinner. (Knowing Evan, he probably popped open a bottle or two of champagne before they went to dinner). So, the accent, the blathering about dry, not berry flavored wines, etc. would be Sarah trying to be sophisticated while slightly smashed. I'm beginning to think these two DEFINITELY DESERVE each other!

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    Originally posted by realityvirgin
    Did you all notice that when Sarah was trying to order the wine she had adopted some kind of accent? It was like she was attempting to make it sound French so the waiter would somehow understand her better....
    I'm an American, and I think it's fairly well known that when most Americans travel abroad they think if they do stupid things like that -- or simply YELL in English or speak English veeery slowly -- that the non-English speaker will magically understand them. (My apologies on behalf of all Americans to all non-Americans everywhere.)

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    True, Gromit - remember Heidi and her "bread baggage'?

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    Sarah's Bondage films.. same shirt as tv promo?

    I just went to the smoking gun page and was reading the article aout sarah and her bondage work.. in the first photo they have there at the bottem, is it just me, or is she wearing that same gold turtleneck she's wearing in her Joe Millionare promo photo?


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    OK... red wines are never called "dry". Red wines may be berry flavoured though, but you wouldn't really ask for it unless you want a cheap wine. Otherwise you are specific about which grape you want, like Cabernet Sauvignon which typically has a black currant flavour - but you wouldn't ask for a "black currant flavoured wine", you'd ask for a Cabernet Sauvignon. You could ask for a light, medium, or full bodied wine too. Sarah - you need to take some winetasting classes!!

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    Thanks, Mod, that's what I thought. The whole "berry flavored" thing was weird. I went and read all the labels on my wine stash - they're all pretty nice bottles and none of them referred to a berry flavor.

    realityvirgin, I noticed Sarah's fake French accent too! It completely cracked me up! I watched that part a few times over, it was so funny.

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    A Joke About Sarah

    You can't blame Sarah for her behavior. The producers told her the name of the show was Joe Blow!!

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    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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