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Thread: Sarah

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    I just hope hers are.

    Zora gets the real stuff and Sarah, right from the pearl necklace, got nothing but fakes.
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    Now THAT would be a twist!
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    i don't know a whole lot about wine other than i [used to] like it a lot - and i have been to a few wine tastings in my day... and it isn't proper to pour full glasses and chug them down. you pour little bits, sip it a few times, and move on... she clearly isn't the connoisseur she thinks she is.

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    Originally posted by Jill
    It's quite apparent that Sarah thinks she has it in the bag.

    Also, she needs to not darken her eyebrows so much. I thought it was funny when she changed her whole outfit for the walk in the woods, after she said to Paul, "I thought we were going to town!" I wish he hadn't told her where they were going so she would have had to walk in those heels.

    Also, did anyone else notice that when the girls were headed to the elimination ceremony, Sarah brought her coat along? What was that about?
    I thought I also saw her carry a small, black purse with her, but I didn't understand why she'd bring a purse with her.

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    Fox says the jewels are real, but I agree, I wish there was some way to make only Sarah's fake. She is so greedy and materialistic. The first thing she does after every jewelry ceremony is check out the goods, and guess at karats. I've never seen Zora give it that much thought, which is what makes her so appealing. She's so humble and unassuming. Not like Sarah, Miss Medium-Bodied-but-not-Grapey--she's so pretentious and faux-hoity-toity! Yech.
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    I can't beleive how much he has misjudged her. She's not into money!!???
    She has got to be the most manipulating woman on the whole show, far worse than that Heidi, as she has gone under the radar undetected. I really truly hope she has that fake smile wiped off her face.

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    Exactly, diggaplz. I agree. She is definitely putting on airs - maybe trying to convince Evan that she's the perfect woman to help him suit his fortune better?

    I hope they gave her the crappiest wine they could find and watched her fawn about how great and perfect it was!

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    Amandra Lynn
    Im also not a fan of Miss Sara She does seem all wrong for Even, she even admited to the camera, he was not her type, but she could change all that. I thought that was wrong, cause if you really like someone you like them for who they are. She seems to be very sophisticated (could be a ruse if she thinks Even is into that sort of thing) But it takes her so long to figure out what to wear, and i dont see her being able to sit on the couch in sweat pants with Even to drink a beer, she seems like she needs fancy dinners all the time to be happy. If Even picks Sara for his final choice, im sure she will "ACT" like the money doesnt matter, afterall it is on tv, and she doesnt want to look bad But i think, HOPE, Even will see her for she really is.

    Now zora, i like her, although i really dont think that she will be picked, just because, he is a guy after all, and that "slurp" in the woods might be on his brain come time when he has to pick Who knows, she might be fake as well, but she does seem to be more like him, who knows, guess i'll have to wait for monday

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    =becky ...
    I agree with your husband, that bringing along her purse and coat was probably a smoke thing.

    It did look strange though. It occurred to me briefly that maybe she didn't want to leave her purse unattended in her room. Like Alex or the crew might be snooping through her things. Or maybe she had something in there worth snooping into, like her next kink flick contract. HA HA

    That girl's a poser in more ways than one.... I tell ya'll....

    And Evan, idiot, if he thinks she's the kind of girl that would give him the time of day if she knew he didn't have money. But in reality, I think he's kept her around for the "slurp" "Mwah" and "Gulp".


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    Well, I'm not really a wine expert either, but I DO enjoy red wines. And, in MY experience, a red wine that's dry isn't berry flavored. Berry flavors are usually sweeter and less dry. Personally, I think Sarah was showing off or perhaps slightly buzzed. Some people get kinda pompous if they're a little tiddly.

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