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I got an impression that the women in The Bach are better looking and younger than the ones in Joe Millionaire
Agreed, and when I attended the Bachelor Reunion Show for season 2, I got the impression that the entire production cast was hard at work in making sure that the bachelor is represented in the best light possible. I got to see the girls for season 2 up close and personal and I truly believe that they went to great painstaking lengths to find a good group. And they were all very pretty in person with the exception of psycho Christi - what a fake!

Incidentally, the casting director for the Bachelor/Bachelorette is good friends with my friend who's an asst. producer for 24. I doubt that I will attend another one of those reunion shows again (what a nightmare) but I'm curious if they'll actually have one with all those men! Imagine the dynamics of that live show hee hee