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Thread: What is a reality show?

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    What is a reality show?

    The reason I ask this reason is because I noticed some forums don't even have a section for this show, and is this show really a reality show?

    Can we definite what a reality show is?

    And in my opinion, a reality show is:

    1. real people
    2. real conversation, no script
    3. Joe, not the producers, has all the right to pick whoever he wants.( in case of this show)

    and what else? Has Fox ever said this show is a reality show??

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    We only have a forum because we knew there'd be interest in the show - that's really the only criteria we use for creating a forum.

    But a reality show is unscripted, non-live, entertainment, loosely fit into a framework of competition. At least in my opinion.

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