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Thread: The 12 Ladies Who Made Round 1

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    you are going to france to meet a millionaire in a castle and you wear THAT??? what could she possibly have been thinking?
    Well, that's for sure. The other thing that I noticed is that half the women were wearing (faded) jeans when Evan first greeted them in front of the castle. What's up with that? In my opinion jeans are a little too casual for the place and the occasion. I realize that they didn't have much time to get ready but I'm sure they could have found something nicer. Oh, well, tonight they'll be shoveling horse poop, faded jeans will be just fine.

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    Originally posted by John
    Wow, when he picked Heidi, the entire room shifted with all of the eyerolls.

    If I were him, I would do the same thing because I know that Heidi is gonna make a good show.
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    Which of the girls had the best breasts?...and which had implants?

    cast your votes!

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    well the only one left that i picked is sarah. lets hope she doesn't make it. I would love to see allison get to the end and when he tells her the truth , she grabs him by the crotch and spins him around the room. nice firey redhead. . In a way, glad to see Zora make it another step.

    Dana, man he spent all that time with the grape group with her and then he says she was too quiet. never gave her a chance. I started to like her the more i saw her. she is a damn fine looking woman. send her over here!!!!

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    I think Alison would probably excuse herself before she was in danger of ending up the "winner".
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I am truely not looking forward to any of them "winning" what with the bitch gone. hate to see any of them "win", even Mojo

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