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Thread: So who is the winner? and losers??

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    So who is the winner? and losers??

    Are the girls rejected by Joe actually the winners? Hmmmm....Is Joe really a construction worker or an actor? Can we call this show " Shame the Gold Diggers?

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    Evan seemed like a nice guy, but I'm getting the feeling he might be more of an actor. I still don't buy that a construction worker makes $19,000 a year. Even the worst construction worker would make more than that. Unless, he's only working part-time.

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    Joe is such a bad liar that if he is an actor I doubt he makes any money at it.

    I think the ladies who went last night are the winners.
    They've gone before their feelings had the chance to get too hurt.
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    unless of course, he is acting like he can't lie

    then maybe he is a pretty good actor!

    Agree w/ you on the winners being gone last night, especially if they get to hang out somewhere in Paris for the duration of the filming!
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    Good point! There is no way a construction worker would make only $19,000 yearly unless he is a part-time. :nono

    And one more thing, I think the idea of the show is not bad, but it's just not working when you put them in front of the camera. This is not just a normal blinddate show but a show that girls are being told the Bachelor in this case is a millionaire, thats all. Other than the money he has, these girls know nothing about the guy and what made them decided to come to the show??? Chances are these girls are
    1. Gold diggers, or
    2. looking for publicity because they want to be in the acting or TV industry and think this is a chance, or
    3. so innocent to a point (almost stupid) and think that fairlytale is gonna happen to them without considering all the pros and cons of going to a show like this one ( I mean this is not The Amazing Race), or
    4. Combinations of the above

    And to Evan, come on, even if the girl who get picked by you at the end is a gold digger, do you think she would be so stupid and tell you that she is not interested in you because you are a poor joe in front of the national TV. Either she has to act like she like you and then dumb you later after the show or she would have to make some excuses to turn you down. The atmosphere that the show set is to attract golddiggers and you think you are gonna find real love.

    But as other posters said, I kind of doubt Evan's background. he sounds more like an actor - an actor who acts like he doesn't know how to act.
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