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Thread: Joe's Place

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    Bow chicka bow BOW!

    The ladies are going to go wild!

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    Re: wow...what a lil' girls dream...

    Originally posted by GLITZ
    who wouldn't love to have a chance to live in a castle like that...hey i was reading about other girls on this site...and someone said something about that girl melissa jo's pic by a brick wall...i see a brick wall in this pic of the castle...hmmmm...possibly makes sense...i bet that gretchen girl is in those videos though...who knows?
    I said it looked like she was photographed in an alley. Seeing this huge pic really clears things up. That wall wasn't visible in any of the other pix I saw. But I still think that was a really poor choice of background.

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    i agree jodaar...very poor choice of background...maybe the photographers will choose better for other pics...most of the other girls got got a castle, grass or trees in the background....at least the bricks match her shirt...hee...hee...personally i think they could all use some makeup & a hair stylist ...some need a jenny jones makeover quick...like brandy...omg...she looks like she just woke up!

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    By the way, that picture above of Joe's castle is actually a side shot, which makes it appear much smaller. Here's the "normal" front shot.

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