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Thread: Evan Marriott, aka "Joe Millionaire"

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    Actually I heard Evan on the Howard Stern show this morning where he completely explained the 19k/year.

    He said the reason he only made $19,000 in 2001 is because he only worked part time because the construction company he worked for didn't have as much work as usual after the tragic attacks on 9-11-01.

    And he really seemed like a jerk on the show, imo. (not that I thought he wasn't before)
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    hi jen -
    i'm hosting a fundraiser for pediatric oncology in san francisco. it has a "reality tv" theme. i'd like to invite evan to be a guest, and i can't seem to locate his agent. might you know of a way to contact him, so i could send him the invitation? if anyone else might have this info, please let me know. i appreciate your help. thank you.

    valerie britt
    415 567-3165

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    Evan Marriott on the Howard Stern Show

    Originally posted by BravoFan
    ... And he really seemed like a jerk on the [Howard Stern] show, imo. (not that I thought he wasn't before)
    eewwww, not Howard Stern. I can't stand him! But anyway... what was it that Evan said or did on the Stern program that made you think he was a jerk?

    In the meantime, I did find a mention of the Joe M. show and Stern in these pages, but it appearsthat some are very old:
    1)Joe Millionaire Not Worth a Nickel
    Part of it reads:
    On Howard Stern's radio program yesterday, where "Joe Millionaire" was naturally a topic of gleeful derision, one contributor held out a note of hope, theorizing that on the final show it'll be revealed that the viewers, and not the contestants, have been misled -- that Joe really is a millionaire after all. It's a nice thought, but it probably gives Fox too much credit.

    Rabid Monkey Re: Joe Millionaire Theories

    3) Howard Stern Fan Site: Joe Millionaire
    'Joe Millionaire' Says... No Oral Sex On Show!

    February 14, 2003 --

    JOE Millionaire says what you saw isn't necessarily what he got.

    Evan Marriott, the star of "Joe Millionaire," said yesterday that he didn't have sex with any of the women on the show - or get X-rated in the bushes with finalist Sarah Kozer, as the show's producer seemed to indicate.

    "Hey, my parents have to watch the show - if it happened I would tell you, but it didn't," Marriott told Howard Stern yesterday. "In the production and editing, they made it look like" things happened that didn't.

    He said some creative editing led viewers to believe there was hanky panky going on behind closed doors - when in fact things were pretty tame.

    For example, one scene showed Marriott and one of the women disappearing behind a closing bedroom door. In fact, the door was to a foyer and Marriott and the woman went into separate bedrooms, he said. "I don't think they portrayed the girls quite the way they really acted," he said. "They were good girls. They were. They were sweet girls."

    Marriott, who came across during the Stern interview as less than thrilled with the whole "Joe Millionaire" experience, predicts his fame will end "like Greg Brady" after next Monday's series finale.

    Still, he concedes his fame was in full force at Wednesday night's Knicks game, where fans gave him the Bronx cheer.

    "I must have fame if I could get 30,000 people in Madison Square Garden to boo me out last night," he said.

    He chalked up the rolled-up welcome mat to fan disappointment because "Fox told everybody I was going to pick a girl this Monday and I didn't."

    Marriott dodged pointed questioning from Stern and his sidekicks about which of the two finalists he picks next week, but implied he wasn't wild about any of the show's ladies.

    "I gotta take the ones they give me," he said at one point.

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    I heard Evan is going to be on Mad TV tonight, if anyone is interested. I am gonna try to catch it.

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    I Wrestled Evan

    Back a couple years ago I wrestled Evan in Florida. He has a
    good wrestling look, but he was slow and didn't have much as far
    as ring skills go. Just glad to see him do something else, well
    something he is good at (stand there and look pretty)
    Enjoy your 15 minutes Evan!

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