I believe there are many others out there like myself who wanted to see the two of them make the romance work. Apparantly, it is not working, as evidenced by the information that Linda is in LA and missed David in Las Vegas. Let's face the facts: 1) Linda is a model, and as many have suggested, is trying to use the show as a springboard to some modeling jobs. 2) David is a quiet, gentleman and cowboy who would like to see if he can make it on the rodeo circuit. If he can't, then he'll return to his farm. 3) David is somewhat religious, Linda is not. 4) David likes outdoor activities, Linda, as evidenced from the fact that she did not camp out on the show, is not. 5) David fell into "puppy-love" at first sight, and wanted it to work in the worst way ( I was the same type, but now that I am much older see the futility of that). 6) David did not want "buckle babes", but with the positive exposure he received, I would not think he'll have any trouble meeting someone else, who is more like him, and more compatible.

All that being said, they looked so good together, I for one, would love to see some compromise and see them together.

Best wishes to all for the Holidays.