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Thread: Now that Linda and David have reportedly gone their separate ways...

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    Cat = Petra > rest

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshD
    Cat = Petra > rest

    Now THERE'S an intriguing thought.

    Class, your homework assignment this week is to construct a mathematical theorem that takes into account the following constants (David, Samantha, and Paul) and the variables (all the women participants).

    The final equation must completely balance out with all constants and variables accounted for. It must also logically prove why the constant David picked the variable Linda.


    -Professor KRomike

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    Once again, I'll take this moment to remind everyone that we're past the "why did David pick Linda" phase on this site.

    The forum, now in archives, is for NEW news regarding contestants from the show. It's not for bumping once a week with "any new news" posts, or "I sure hope Cat found an agent" posts, and so on.

    There are several other sites which specialize in discussing shows that are over. We're not one of them.

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