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Thread: I found a picture of Cat DJ'ing in Berlin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    She's right. She's not Cat.
    In defense of my earlier post, all I meant was that I looked at the 2 pictures that Elschen submitted - she's a pretty girl and does bear a resemblance to Cat, but probably not enough to be mistaken for her. I was honestly just agreeing with her and not being snarky. But John if you think it sounds snarky please delete it. Thanks, Qboots
    "I'm telling you - it's a madhouse out there. I feel like Charlton Heston waking up in the field and seeing the chimp on top of the pony." ~ Dennis Miller

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    No, Q, I was referring to other posts. Yours is fine.

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    It's not Cat on the pictures

    Hey guys!
    I saw you speculating if that's me on the pictures. I'm sorry but it's not. I wasn't in Ibiza at the time.
    But I really appreciate you making the efford of finding picyures of me.

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    Hey you

    You'll need proof that it is you (Cat) posting here and not an imposter. What CD did you give to David?

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