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Thread: Solution to lack of JM update...

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    Solution to lack of JM update...

    hey everyone,

    I propose this since a lot of us are curious and it seems there's no chance Fox is going to give us an update or anything.

    How about if people email the guy who wrote those articles in Linda's modelling page ( http://www.link2look.com/gallery/mod...inda%20Kazdova ) to request he (or someone else from the site) do a followup interview with Linda about the show and have it posted on their site.

    I think they'd be for it if we demand it since it gives their site some extra views/attention.

    I couldn't find the article writer's contact but this is the site's email: hotline@link2look.com , and this is one of the contact who was in one of the photos: peter.holanec@link2look.com

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    Hey, feel free. But personally I'm already bored with these people and their crappy fairytale. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topper
    I think they'd be for it if we demand it since it gives their site some extra views/attention
    The site is there to generate modelling jobs. Unless you want to pony up a modelling fee, or have a job for them- I'm sure they could care less. It's also in europe, where it's probably thought of as the equivalent of winning a car or something . 200k wouldn't buy modelling props for a shoot. The show is really quite unimportant to them.

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