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Thread: Joe's Ranch and Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGal
    Questions. Linda is not a U.S. Citizen, so does she have to pay taxes on the money? How much is it in Czech dollars?
    Hmm, the way it works for me (I'm from Denmark) is that whatever I earn in the US is taxed in the US. If I had kept my apartment in Denmark, I would be taxed in _both_ countries, but I didn't. Some countries are extempt from federal taxes. For instance, my German colleguaes can file an extemption form every year, and they don't pay any federal taxes. They don't pay taxes in Germany either, so actually they make more money than me, even though we're payed the same before tax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrogirl_2100
    Hmm, the way it works for me (I'm from Denmark) is that whatever I earn in the US is taxed in the US.
    Yep that is probably correct.
    Gambling and lottery prizes of nonresidents of the US are taxed at a flat 30% tax rate. I would assume this falls in the same category, unless FOX actually "employed" Linda. If the US has a tax treaty with the Czech Rep. the tax payment may be refunded.
    Assuming that this was the taxation, Linda is left with $175.000, which is 4.7 million korunys. Czech Rep. is soon gonna be converting to Euros (becoming a EU member next year), so most prices are being balanced with other EU countries. In Euros her prize is estimated to about 148.000. Not bad for participating on a dating show in my opinion.

    A lot of things are still cheaper in the Czech Rep., but not everything.
    I wouldn't say that you could buy a WHOLE lot more with the money than what you could buy in the US for the same amount, but her family probably has lower standards than the avarage American family.
    She could probably get a much nicer house over there than for the same amount of money here. Or she could invest it...

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    Anyway, just wanted to pass along the info. and I hope David and Linda are happy![/QUOTE]

    I didn't watch the series after the first couple of episodes, probably right
    after Linda left because most of the contestants were jealous and catty.

    I did watch the conclusion last night because I was home sick from work, and, well, the ending made me mist up a little.

    As I am an Austin resident, I guess David is my neighbor. HOWDY


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    The House!

    Isn't anyone curious about the inside of the house? I was thinking they would have shown it to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunnyoil
    Isn't anyone curious about the inside of the house? I was thinking they would have shown it to us.
    No really. The ending, if you are just talking about the concept and how it was filmed w/o David or Linda in the way, is just beautiful. It was right on. Perfect.

    From the outside view, the house itself looks modest but I'm satisfied.

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    Howdy all ya'll fellow Texans-who would've ever thunk there would be so many people in one thread!

    I knew as soon as this show started it would do nothing to move the image of Texas up in the world from its stereotype of cowpokes and bass ackwards folk. But, so what? I'm a blond too and if you can't laugh at yourself for being from Texas or a having a blond moment, then, well, I forget my point... Texas is sort of like a private joke-you either get it or you don't.

    Anyhow, I would absolutely agree that 90 acres anywhere remotely located within spitting distance of the hill country is worth some $$$. It is the "best of both worlds" or "Heaven on earth"-city life within minutes, but rolling hills and big trees as far as the eye can see around your casa. David scored.

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    Not from Texas either but I completely agree with whomever said that there are rural areas everywhere. As for the ranch, it looked beautiful to me and while I realize there are people with a ton of money in Texas, for a kid who made $11,000 last year on the rodeo, this place has gotta be nirvana.

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