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Thread: Fox Chief Says Second 'Joe' Was Greedy

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    It makes sense that they made David sign a contract with no money coming his way. If he would have had money coming, and he had known it, it would have been too similar to For Love Or Money.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I think that this is the sort of train wreck you are compelled to watch once, but then dismayed the next time it happens.

    But I think that it could have eventually picked up steam and received respectable numbers if only...

    1. Fox would have done one show a week and kept it on the same day/time, perferably in a later time slot.

    2. Fox would have spent some time developing interest in the women. I want to know about their jobs, their homes, their family. Their web site didn't give any information other than their country! They might as well have been space aliens.

    3. Fox would have eased us into the show rather than showing all the painful clips of David's delima at the beginning. The first few shows I felt it was really too painful to watch. It needs to start off as something fun, and spring the pain on us when we are hooked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NL,JROTF
    I guess I'm very much in the minority here. I thought the European girls were FAR more entertaining and interesting than the American girls. I also liked David more than Evan. He seemed more down to earth. And I loved the cheesy, made-for-TV ending, even though I know I was being manipulated by FOX.
    NL. Glad you've stopped lurking.

    I completely agree. I was addicted to the first JM, but this one I seemed to enjoy more. I was a bit annoyed that I had to miss the last half hour to recap AJ.

    David is MUCH better than Evan. David was so sweet and innocent that you could understand women falling for him despite the money. I guess that's why Evan worked better.

    I liked the European girls more. Petra, Anique, Linda, Giada, even with Olinda you loved to hate her. With the exception of Zora, I couldn't stand most of the first girls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynne
    Yes, I thought they were going to say David was greedy, which I found hard to believe. When Paul said to him, "David, we told you that you would not earn any money from this" David responded "Yes, sir" in such a way that he just didn't strike me as greedy.

    This was the title of the piece as published by AP, so I just left it.
    Good eyecatching title though, certainly very misleading.
    The fact that David seemed so polite and humble made me have to read the story when I saw the title
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I liked the european women but like was stated earlier, would have loved to know more about them. Even their pics on the website were just head shots and no bio worth a damn.

    As for David, he was a bumpkin, no offence Bumpkin. But he as alot more personalble than Evan, Evan wasn't even as smart as a sled track.

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    evan was dumb and pretty. david is hick-y and hard. one isn't better than the other but it is a lot to ask city girls to go after a country boy.

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    I think the exec was absolutely right, it should have been a 1 time only deal. I loved the first one and watched every episode, but had no desire at all to watch this one. It wasn't the euro girls or David, I just felt like I've already watched it and there was no need to see it again.

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    Personally, I think David is a nice guy. Id even go so far as to say "smarter" than Evan.
    However, Evan, IMO, would have had much greater sex appeal from the Euros, than David. Yeah, David was a polite guy, and the Euros seemed to appreciate that, but, as far as drama goes, his shy polite nature created little, with the girls.

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    IMO Evan seemed more deserving of the European girls and David with the American girls.

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