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Thread: Finale Discussion 11/24 **Spoilers**

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    I have never been happier with the outcome of a reality show. David and Linda seem like genuinely good and decent people. Cynics be damned. Why is it so hard to believe that they're really inlove? I wish them well.

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    Other than Linda's wishy-washiness in twice choosing to leave David and then reappearing, I did really like her. It was a sweet ending. David was clearly smitten with her, but I wasn't so sure about her feelings until the end when she couldn't stop smiling. Cat may have liked David but she had ulterior motives as well.

    Anyway, if David needs money to pay taxes, I would imagine that he can either use that land as a working ranch or just sell a portion of it.

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    I still don't know how a Czech model is going to hack living on a ranch in Texas, but hey, maybe true love will conquer all...

    My major complaint about last night's show (besides wasting 4 MINUTES of screen time having David gaze at empty doors), was the word "amazing" used 7 times in 8 minutes...was Linda watching the Bachelor to improve her English? Yeesh.
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    Captain America
    On the 10 o'clock news last night, David said that he and Linda are trying to make a go of it and are phoning and emailing each other every day.

    Given the ratings disaster this show was for Fox, I really doubt we'll be seeing a post-Promise Ring show.

    So much for that vidcap of Linda comforting a sobbing Cat. The same is true for the "I hate you" clip. I guess the editors just couldn't work those into the story. I was surprised that Cat's exit interview lasted all of what, ten seconds?

    The shot of a stunned Cat, walking out and leaving the roses on the sofa, now that was a classic. The only thing better would have been had she tossed them in the trash can on the way out the door.

    It was a very sweet ending, if somewhat contrived looking. Regardless of whether David and Linda remain together, I think they both took something positive away from the experience--besides the ranch and the quarter of a million dollars, I mean.
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    Hmmm...anyone else think that Linda got gypped? I realize that $250,000 is alot of cash, (especially in her native country), but Zora got a cool half a mil! I call foul!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    Wasn't there a "after the rose" or such show last year? Where Evan and Zora were reunited after watching the show?

    I didn't see any ads for it last night.
    Because Fox doesn't want to waste a dollar more, or a moment more of broadcast time, on this ratings stinker. In fact, since mainstream media doesn't care either, we are likely to never have any follow up.

    EDIT - Okay, "Captain America" above caught a single local news piece. That might be the extent of it forever. :-)

    kyrjar -- I very much doubt she chose to leave him twice. They telegraphed pretty well how fake and Fox directed her second "departure" was. Whether or not she's a Zora who was faking or a girl who decided the money was no big deal and really WOULD have stayed, that was SUCH a setup to continue the show in Texas. The producers were likely up in her room asking her what she wanted to do the moment she left the meeting with David, and when she said it was no big deal they said "well, we know you like him, but how about a little payback?"
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    As posted by PrincessRight: According to David during the post-finale news interview, Linda wasn't told that she was supposed to show up that evening. Instead the producers had her on a plane to Prague. Apparently, the ending was scripted to create drama and suspense. So I'm assuming that Linda never intended to make David feel that she had rejected him because of the lie. She was merely following the producers' instructions. David looked very happy and I'm assuming that he and Linda are still together.

    Well that's pretty interesting because Paul did leave when David was waiting and come back and just say, "She's not coming." There was no explanation of the questions he asked about why or if she said anything so I guess that's very possible that the producers tried to change the ending in a way the public wouldn't predict.

    I for one am happy for them if they can make a go of it. It was a nicer ending than the Bachelor thing, imo.

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    I think that Linda said something about how she couldn't get on the plane to go home again. Someone mentioned that David said in a post show that Linda hadn't been told to show up that night, but right after he told her about not having the money, he said, I hope you'll come tonight, or something like that. So she knew, she just didn't come, and then she couldn't get on the plane again so she met him in Texas.

    I thought it was sooooo sweet. They're the cutest and both seem so genuine. David might not be the smartest guy but I would take a genuine, honest, "real" person over someone extremely intelligent any day, and Linda must have felt the same way.

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    well I for one am happy that Linda got the prize, so to speak. The wife and I both were rooting for her, not to say I didn't like Cat, she is a foxy lady, but she is a cold calculating lady who was planning her every move to try and win the millionaire, Plus we never did see if david told her the truth. That would have told us alot of what her true motive was. Remember Evan told them both last year.

    What was the little thing David had hidden in his hat. I heard it cluck when he set his hat down and then at the end Linda looked like she had a stuffed toy in her hand when she picked up her purse and Daviud's hat was missing from the table.

    I do think they set David up and they probly explained the truth to Linda about the lie, how the whole show was based on the lie and to not fault him for it. If there are nay friends of them that know I would love a PM from them to tell me what they know.

    As for cat, I really wish we could have heard her feelings ont he whole matter of what she would have done if she ever found out the truth that day and she was the "chosen" one. Still she is one great looking woman. just a little too reserved for me. But then again, do we ever really see the real people in these shows.

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    What a storybook ending (though I'm sure it was contrived). David and Linda have had an obvious connection from the start. I wish them all the best and hope they make it work.

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